• Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's/YA)


      by Cristina Romero & Francis Marín

      The Red Book for Girls was born to acompany and empower girls on their way to maturity but it is also a book for mothers and for all women, because it helps us heal hurts of our childhood. An illustrated book whose words and images seem to whisper to o

    • Children's & YA

      Cartoon Conversations

      On teaching, learning and life: 25 cartoons and related questions

      by Eric Frangenheim

      25 cartoons from the best-selling teacher resource, Reflections on Classroom Thinking Strategies, by Eric Frangenheim. Each cartoon is accompanied by an explanation and a series of reflective and thought-provoking questions to be used in classrooms, st

    • Business, Economics & Law
      November 2016


      Helping Business Leaders Create Engaged Teams and Happy People

      by Kavitha Chahel

      Humanity and Profits are Not Mutually Exclusive. In this insightful book, Kavitha Chahel explores the tell-tale signs of a toxic work environment and the impact on business. Explore concepts, ideas and practical exercises you can use to improve your own

    • Health & Personal Development
      June 2018

      The Unseen Journey Within You

      An out-of-the-box approach to unleashing the true YOU

      by Jasminka Hansson

      Life is full of challenges and that is what makes it such a profound learning experience. This book will give you guidance, structure and confirmation about certain feelings that you wanted to express but didn’t know how to, answers to your unspoken ques

    • Teachers' classroom resources & material

      Primary Self-Awareness Programme CD

      by Clare Mathieson

    • Cultural studies

      Globalization and Cultural Self-awareness: Selected Works of Fei Xiaotong’s Later Years

      by Xiaotong Fei (author), Lili Fang (editor)

      Including the culture-theme essays, speeches and dialogues of Fei Xiaotong’s later years and trying to solve the problems caused by civilizations’ variety of all mankind Different from Huntington’s idea of “The Clash of Civilization,” Fei suggests to take

    • June 2017

      Integration of the Self and Awareness (ISA) in Learning and Teaching

      A case study of French adult students learning English the Silent Way

      by Patricia Benstein

      The successful acquisition of a second or foreign language requires focus, motivation, and positive feedback. This case study of French adult students of English illustrates that Gattegno’s Silent Way is more than a teaching methodology. It is a science o

    • Health & Personal Development
      September 2018

      Me: Experience and Transcendence of Life

      by Wang Qingbing

      This book aims at helping people know and acquire self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-cultivation. Starting with the discussion on "individual", the book focuses on analyzing "I", "me", "myself", the unique entity in the world. The author shares

    • Health & Personal Development
      October 2017

      Feeling Good Now

      How to Be Happy and Find Inner Peace in 30 Days

      by Ariel Benet Savant

      Do you often struggle with how you can be happy, how to be more positive, or how can my deepest desires and goals be achieved? Would you like to be able to find a better way to manage anxiety and worry,

    • December 2011

      The Awakening Course

      The Secret to Solving All Problems

      by Joe Vitale

      The complete mind, body, and spiritual transformation based on a highly successful course—now in paperback! The Awakening Course is Joe Vitale's most recent breakthrough program explaining the four stages of awakening. This thought-provok

    • April 2014

      Clinical Supervision Activities for Increasing Competence and Self-Awareness

      by Roy A. Bean, Sean D. Davis, Maureen P. Davey

      Cultivate self-awareness, empathy, and clinical competence in the mental health professionals you supervise Providing tested guidance for clinical supervisors of mental health professionals, editors Roy A. Bean, Sean D. Davis, and Maureen P. Dav

    • May 2016

      Your Child's Social and Emotional Well-Being

      A Complete Guide for Parents and Those Who Help Them

      by John S. Dacey, Lisa B. Fiore, Steven Brion-Meisels

      Your Child's Social and Emotional Well-Being provides a practical guide full of proven strategies for promoting social and emotional learning (SEL) skills in children aged 4-16. A practical guide designed to support parents and educa

    • June 2016

      Useful Belief

      Because It's Better Than Positive Thinking

      by Chris Helder

      Positive thinking has had its time — the new way of overcoming life's challenges is USEFUL BELIEF Useful Belief turns the "be positive" industry upside down with a fresh and modern approach to achievement. Sometimes things in life

    • March 2018

      Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams

      An Enlightening Story

      by Bruce D. Schneider

      An enlightening story. . . Scott Billings has a pretty good life, or so it appears. But something is missing for him. Like many others, he finds himself just going through the motions, sleepwalking through life, until an unexpected and un

    • May 2010

      Live Life, Love Work

      by Kate Burton

      The secrets to reclaiming your personal life and enriching your professional life—for the overstretched, overworked, and overanxious With the boundaries between professional and private life increasingly blurred by mobile technology, most people

    • April 2018

      Creating Mindful Leaders

      How to Power Down, Power Up, and Power Forward

      by Joe Burton

      Unleash your inner mindful leader Mindfulness, emotional intelligence and resilience are the “must have skills” for modern leaders—yet many professionals are too stressed to know where to start. Creating Mindful Leaders provides de

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