• Vegetarian cookery

      The Findhorn Book of Vegetarian Recipes

      by Kay Lynne Sherman

      Since 1962 the Findhorn Community in the North of Scotland has created healthy and creative vegetarian food for its members and guests. The life within the food we eat nourishes more than just our bodies and the vitality we recieve is a measure of the lov

    • Popular medicine & health

      Diabetes Recipes from Around the World

      by Jane Frank

    • Health & wholefood cookery
      September 2012

      Recipes 4 Life

      Fighting Back With Food

      by The Alfie Gough Trust

      Recipes for Life has been created to reflect nutritional needs with fun recipes aimed at children and all ages. The purpose of this book is to help and inform other families with ill children on the importance of nutrition. The aim is to reduce some of

    • Cookery by ingredient


      from the people who really know about extra virgin olive oil - the producers

      by Judy Ridgway

      Who should know more about cooking with extra virgin olive oil than the growers and producers of the olive oil world? REMARKABLE RECIPES is a wonderful collection of 76 easy-to-make dishes from just these people. Some are traditional recipe

    • General cookery & recipes
      May 2014

      Recipes From Brixton Village

      by Miss South & The Traders of Brixton Village

      One of the most extraordinary urban success stories of the last decade, the regenerated Brixton Village remains one of the coolest places to eat in London. Miss South celebrates the incredible diversity on offer in the market, with contributions from m

    • Cookery for specific diets & conditions
      October 2011

      Over 100 Fat-free Recipes

      by Elizabeth Jyothi Mathew

      With fast food and junk foods being the order of the day, thanks to our rushed modern existence, staying healthy is of prime importance. More often than not, we forego some of the most delicious food in order to stay healthy. Not anymore! It is not necess

    • September 2016

      Collecting Recipes

      Byzantine and Jewish Pharmacology in Dialogue

      by Lennart Lehmhaus, Matteo Martelli

      This volume brings together contributions covering different periods of the history of ancient pharmacology and medical writing, from Greek, Byzantine, and Syriac medicine to the Rabbinic-Talmudic medical discourses. It highlights the overwhelming mass of

    • Teachers' classroom resources & material
      September 2006

      Complete Book of Activities, Games, Stories, Props, Recipes and Dances for Young Children

      by Schiller, Pam

      Curious kids will delight in the 50 fun-filled recipes in The Budding Chef! Full of great ways for parents and their budding chefs to have fun together, this introduction to cooking is brimming with kitchen adventures and is perfect for kids aged 3 to

    • September 2013

      Gluten-Free Recipes for People with Diabetes

      A Complete Guide to Healthy, Gluten-Free Living

      by Nancy S. Hughes; Introduction by Lara Rondinelli-Hamilton, R.D., L.D.N., C.D.E.

      Recent estimates suggest that nearly one out of every 20 people with type 1 diabetes has celiac disease, a condition that renders the body unable to process the gluten protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. People with celiac disease are unable to

    • General cookery & recipes
      January 2014

      My New Wild Plant Recipes

      by Celia Nentwig | Hella Henckel

      Delicious recipes, edible decorations and gift ideas Celia Nentwig Beautiful and delicious! - The second book on wild plants from the successful author - Delicious titbits from nature, with herbs, fruits and flowers - Beautiful pictures, sophisticated rec

    • Domestic animals & pets
      January 2015

      Quick Recipes for Dog Snacks

      by Lea Moss

      Biscuits, tasty snacks and more Our recipes for homemade dog snacks are quick and easy, and dogs find them delicious. What more could you want? Whether dog biscuits, cakes or other snacks, here you’ll be sure to find a suitable recipe. And best of all – w

    • General cookery & recipes
      June 2017

      Seasonal Recipes from the Fruit and Vegetable Garden

      by Katrin Schmelzle

      Garden enjoyment, fresh on your table – this garden cookbook features a range of native fruit and vegetable species right through all four seasons. For every season, you’ll find delicious traditional and also unusual recipes from all region

    • Business & management
      August 2008

      Recipes for success in projects

      The human aspect

      by Peter Siwon

      The author uses little experiments and tests to take the reader on an interesting voyage of discovery, revealing the human aspect of project work. The background stories and relationships prepare the ground for suggestions as to how the insights might be

    • Food & Drink
      December 2017

      Geek Sweets

      An Adventurer's Guide to the World of Baking Wizardry

      by Jenny Burgesse, Jen Yates

      #1 Amazon New Release! ─ Easy baking recipes and unique theme party ideasGeek Sweets: The ultimate guide to creating 60 confections for the legions of geek fans out there − from Star Wars to Game of T

    • Children's & YA
      March 2018

      The Healthy Teen Cookbook

      Around the World In 80 Fantastic Recipes

      by Remmi Smith

      #1 Amazon New Release! ─ Easy Healthy Recipes CookbookA Chopped kid chef and entrepreneur is on a mission to bring healthy food options and easy-to-cook scrumptious recipes to a busy and heavily scheduled generation of teens.<

    • Food & Drink
      September 2017

      Plant-Powered Cooking

      52 Inspired Ideas for Growing and Cooking Yummy Good Food

      by Alice Mary Alvrez, Elise Marie Collins

      Your healthy habits plant-based diet Healthy habits: Cooking for a plant-based diet is the single biggest trend in the culinary world and for very good reasons, too: improved health bette

    • Food & Drink
      September 2017

      Vegans Save the World

      Plant-based Recipes and Inspired Ideas for Every Week of the Year

      by Alice Alvarez,

      Clean Eating LifestylePlant based diet and nutrition: Millions of people have turned to a plant-based diet for the sake of both themselves and the planet. Now, tens of thousands of people have put down their k

    • Food & Drink
      October 2017

      Cannabis Cuisine

      by Andrea Drummer, Andrea Drummer

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