• Dog obedience & training
      May 2019

      Thinking around the corner

      Distance control exercises for a better communication with your dog

      by Katrien Lismont:

      The distance control exercises described in this book, based on a triangle shape, are essentially borrowed from the training of working retrievers, but they are of general use to enhance every dog’s impulse control and help him to get alo

    • Dog obedience & training
      May 2019

      Shake paws on it!

      Smart Dog Training easily explained

      by Christine Kompatscher

      This book includes all aspects of everyday dog training: house-training, walking on leash, recall, dealing with unwanted hunting behavior, car driving, self-control, politeness training and much more. An entertaini

    • Dogs as pets
      October 2018

      Understanding Reinforcers.

      About the use of rewards in dog trai-ning.

      by Theby, Viviane

      Rewarding a dog is so much more than just giving him some treats: Good reinforcers are really powerful instruments for installing behaviours, making training more effective and fun. Based on new scientific learning models, this book explains why reward

    • Dogs as pets
      October 2017

      Train the trainer – the board game

      Role reversal animal training

      by Lenz, Corinna & Deutsch, Wibke

      The player takes in turns the role of the animal and the trainer and experiences how it feels to get trained or received valuable feedback about the own training approach. - With dice, toy figure and clicker, play money and hourglass - With ca. 100 exe

    • Dogs as pets
      April 2018

      Clicker Training straight to the point

      Mini Clicker workshop for dogs and their humans

      by Martin Pietralla, Heinz Grundel

      Clicker training is complicated? Not with this entertaining book! Now starting is easy as Dad, head of a lovable-chaotic dog family, <span data-ccp-props="{"20134198

    • Dog obedience & training
      September 2016

      The Invisible Leash

      How to control your unleashed dog

      by Sabrina Reichel

      Highlight Most dog owners dream of letting their dog run free without leash out in the green. But since we are running more and more short of free sp

    • Dog obedience & training
      September 2016

      Beware of the Door Bell!

      Behaviour training for over-friendly, over-excited and overly control-focussed dogs

      by Sabrina Reichel

      As the door bell rings, a madly barking four-pawed chaos lounges forward and offers its bewildered owner not a chance to calmly greet his visitors- a very common scenario in many dog households. How to train your dog to politely greet visitors without

    • Dog obedience & training
      May 2016

      One, two, three or many more

      Managing more than dog with positive reinforcement

      by Anne Rosengrün

      Highlight Two ore even more dogs are more fun than one – for this to be true, a structured training, good organization and the setting of rules are paramount. As new research has pointed out, the concept of “pack leadership” and “dominance” is much less important than we thought – we simply have to show our dogs how we want them to behave and adapt our own behavior accordingly. This is not only possible, but even very effective with modern, reward-based and force-free training methods. This well-structured manual guides you through the different stages of training with loads of practical advice and experience. Key Selling Points Many households with more than one dog Reward-based training methods Practical advice that really works Audience Dog owners, dog trainers, dog walkers

    • Dogs as pets
      April 2018

      Your Dog goes hunting?

      Shaping hunting behavior instead of preventing it

      by Florin Hirnschall

      Highlight This book does not show how to prevent your dog from hunting. It rather helps you to shape your dog’s hunting passion in a way that your dog is still enjoying it but only together with you and according to your rules. Hunting behavior is a strong natural behavior of our dogs which cannot be prevented by bans or a distraction strategy. But it can be controlled by being your dogs hunting partner instead of a spoilsport. This is the principle of this book which offers a practical training concept based on a positive reinforcement which considers the interests of nature conservation, hunters, dog owners and dogs without hurting any wild animal. Key Selling Points High psychological strain of many dog owners Effective system Suitable for all dog breeds Audience Dog owners and dog trainers

    • August 2012

      The Energy Bus for Kids

      A Story about Staying Positive and Overcoming Challenges

      by Jon Gordon, Korey Scott

      An illustrated adaptation of the bestselling business fable, The Energy Bus, teaches children the benefits of staying positive In this illustrated adaptation of the bestselling fable, The Energy Bus, author Jon Gordon shows children how to overc

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