• Health & Personal Development
      July 2019

      Fear Money Purpose

      How to overcome your fears to find financial freedom and your true purpose

      by Nancy Youssef

      Small business owners and entrepreneurs often face big money fears. Whether it is the fear of not making money, of not knowing what to do with the money they make or the fear of being financially responsible for staff, the fear is real. In FEAR

    • Health & Personal Development
      April 2019

      A Surfer's Guide to Property Investing

      How to achieve your financial goals and lead your best life through investing in property

      by Paul Glossop

      A Surfer's Guide to Property Investing is about how to achieve your financial goals and lead your best life through investing in property. <a title="Paul Glossop" href="https://majorstreet.com.au/blogs/meet-our-authors/paul-glosso

    • Health & Personal Development
      August 2019

      20 Must Ask Questions for Every Property Investor

      by Margaret Lomas

      Margaret Lomas is one of Australia’s most recognised and respected property expe

    • Educational: Business studies

      A Kid's Guide to Personal Finance - Money Book for Children | Children's Growing Up & Facts of Life Books

      by Baby Professor

      What is your child’s attitude towards money? Does he/she buy everything with it? You should be shaping your child’s buying attitude today though this money book. Here, your child will learn about the basics and importance of personal finance. Hopefully, h

    • Business, Economics & Law
      July 2015

      Property Magic

      by Simon Zutshi, Simon Zutshi

    • Business, Economics & Law
      May 2016

      Your Financial Future

      How to Manage and Maximise Your Money

      by Ian Lees

      The reason for financial planning is to take control of your destiny, first and foremost. Gather all the relevant information, decide what you want to achieve - and make it happen! Ian Lees has spent over 30 years in financial services, from direct sales

    • Business, Economics & Law
      June 2009

      The Trusted Financial Adviser

      The Secrets to a Long and Successful Career as a Financial Adviser

      by Lee Clarke

      As the world emerges from one of the most serious economic crises since the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the importance to people of having of a trusted, knowledgeable and professional financial adviser is greater than ever. The fact is, wherever you go in

    • August 2011

      Investing in the Right Property Now

      The book that smashes the cash flow vs growth myth and helps you buy property today

      by Margaret Lomas

      Investing in today's property market is different from investing pre-GFC. Old strategies are simply not working. So property expert Margaret Lomas set about comprehensively re-considering the economy, property and the future for the Australian market.

    • October 2016

      The Property Investor's Buyer's Guide

      by Peter Mastroianni

      There is a time to buy and hold property for long-term results, and there are times when opportunities to fast-track your returns will present themselves. Readers of this fascinating book by property expert Peter Mastroianni will learn how to recognise

    • November 2016

      Creating Property Wealth in any Market

      How to Build a High Performance Property Portfolio

      by Philippe Brach

      Philippe Brach always says, “Never take advice about property from someone who does not own property”. An avid and successful investor himself and CEO of Multifocus, Philippe shares his proven strategies for success when profiting from property in this

    • January 2018

      Let's Get Real

      Discover the Reasons most Australian Property Investors Fail to get the Results they Desire

      by Luke Harris and Matthew Bateman

      Let’s Get Real is a call to action to all Australians who want to take control of their destiny and fulfil their life goals. The authors believe that most property investors don’t succeed because they approach investing in the wrong way – it’s not abou

    • April 2018


      The 8 Golden Rules for Mastering the Game of Building Wealth

      by Stuart Wemyss

      "The 8 golden rules to mastering the game of creating wealth have been formulated and refined by the author Stuart Wemyss from ProSolution Private Clients over two decades of practice, observation and experience. They are not just theory. They have bee

    • September 2018

      Make Money Simple Again

      Financial Peace in Less than 10 Minutes a Month

      by Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley

      Ever wondered if there were a simple way to manage your money? Would you like to sleep better at night knowing your finances are in order, that you’re spending less than you earn, paying down credit cards, student loans or your mortgage and building a

    • October 1998

      Smart Guide to Managing Personal Finance

      by Alfred Glossbrenner, Emily Glossbrenner

      Smart Tips on setting up a realistic budget that works for your individual circumstances Smart Ways to stick to your budget, establish savings, invest wisely, and develop good credit Smart Advice on overcoming previous credit pro

    • October 2000

      Getting Started in Online Personal Finance

      by Brad Hill

      NAVIGATE THE WORLD OF ONLINE PERSONAL FINANCE Getting Started in Online Personal Finance Comprehensive Coverage Completely Up-to-Date The number of consumers turning to the Internet for banking, credit,

    • December 2008

      Making Millions For Dummies

      by Robert Doyen, Meg Schneider

      The must-have guide to achieving great wealth Making Millions For Dummies lays out in simple, easy-to-understand steps the best ways to achieve wealth. Through a proven methodology of saving, building a successful business, smart investin

    • December 2009

      Save Big

      Cut Your Top 5 Costs and Save Thousands

      by Elisabeth Leamy, Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts

      Good Morning America correspondent and ABC News columnist reveals tips for achieving unbelievable savings In this battered economy, saving money matters more to consumers than ever before. But most people are tired of hearing about all the small stuff,

    • February 2012

      Personal Finance Workbook For Dummies

      by Sheryl Garrett

      Hands-on tools and strategies to boost your financial fitness From analyzing assets to planning for retirement, this new edition of Personal Finance Workbook For Dummies gives you the information and resources you need to get your finance

    • November 2012

      How to Eat an Elephant

      Achieving Financial Success One Bite at a Time

      by Frank Wiginton

      Take control of your personal finances—one bite at a time Getting your financial house in order is a big job. At first, you might even feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew. But don't give up! In How to Eat an Elephant, you'l

    • October 2014

      Personal Benchmark

      Integrating Behavioral Finance and Investment Management

      by Charles Widger, Daniel Crosby

      In Personal Benchmark: Integrating Behavioral Finance and Investment Management, Chuck Widger and Dr. Daniel Crosby outline the ways in which a program of embedded behavioral finance, fueled by what matters most to you, can be your protection ag

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