• The Arts
      September 2013

      The Engaged Musician

      A Manifesto

      by Sam Richards

      Social commentary. The Engaged Musician is a passionate call to musicians, of whatever genre or discipline, to rescue themselves and us from the commercial tyrannies and dictates currently forming our musical life, and relocate it very determi

    • Biography & True Stories
      July 2019

      Clem Cattini: My Life, Through the Eye of a Tornado

      by Bip Wetherell and Clive Smith

      Clem Cattini is the legendary drummer whose career spans over 60 years, beginning in the mid-1950s with Terry Kennedy's Rock and Rollers who played gigs across London, most notably at the 2i's Coffee Bar in Soho, before the band were asked to join up w

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      December 2014

      Rebel Music Resistance through Hip Hop and Punk

      Resistance through Hip Hop and Punk

      by Parmar, Priya; Nocella II, Anthony J.; Robertson, Scott; Diaz, Martha

      Arising from the street corners and underground clubs, Rebel Music: Resistance through Hip Hop and Punk, challenges standardized schooling and argues for equity, peace, and justice. Rebel Music is an important, one-of-a-kind book that takes readers throug

    • Music
      August 2015

      Music Soothes the Soul

      by Matthew Bernstein

      “Music Soothes the Soul” features engaging stories from seventy musicians, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs who show how music can positively impact our lives. These personal narratives demonstr

    • Music industry
      July 2017

      The South African Music Business

      by Jonathan Shaw

      "The South African Music Business" 3rd edition is an indispensable, holistic guide for everyone working in or wanting to get into the South African music industries. This book was quickly recognised as a landmark work. Previous editions have been read

    • November 2017

      Literature or Music

      by YU Hua

      This book is a collection of 28 essays by one of the most internationally influential Chinese novelists,Yu Hua, who is the most prominent writer in contemporary China. His works have been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Persian, Po

    • Fiction
      June 2019

      This Man and Music

      By Anthony Burgess

      by Christine Lee Gengaro, Andrew Biswell

      This man and music asks two central questions: what can literature contribute to the art of composition, and how can music influence the writer? Anthony Burgess, famed novelist, journalist, and composer, answers these questions and many more. As a

    • History
      May 2019

      Freedom Music

      Wales, Emancipation and Jazz 1850-1950

      by Jen Wilson

      This book traces the story of how early African American and jazz music came to Wales. From Abolitionist collaborations, minstrelsy, ‘weird slave songs’, ragtime, blues, hot music and swing, the story unfolds through women’s emancipat

    • Children's & YA

      Hi, Ukulele

      by Han Ye

    • July 2017

      Parsifal or The Higher Calling of Mankind: Christian Mysticism and the Buddhist World-View in Wagner's Last Drama

      by Berne, Peter

      “Through compassion knowledge”: in these three words the spiritual and philosophical content of Wagner’s Parsifal receives its most concise and incisive formulation, and one of captivating actuality. Peter Berne traces its origin in medieval grail symboli

    • Biography & True Stories
      March 1905

      Chopin: The Man and His Music

      by James Huneker

      Chopin: The Man and His Music reflects the intimate, thorough knowledge of Chopin's music that Huneker acquired while studying to be a concert pianist and his unusually keen insight into the character of the great Polish composer whose music he adored.

    • October 2017

      Sissi's Death

      Ein Salzkammergut-Krimi

      by Barta, Bernhard

      Murder alert in the imperial summer resort: A body lies on the top of Siriuskogl in Bad Ischl. A tragedy unfolds, because it is the peak season and the dead person is a celebrated Hollywood star. On top of that

    • October 2016

      The View from my Window


      by Bletschacher, Richard

      “A standstill is not going to happen with mankind as we have come to know one another, not even in the distant future. If we don’t want to charge blindly into a theoretical future without knowing what is blooming there, we have to try to turn it – no, not

    • November 2018

      The Snail and the Violin

      by Glüxam, Dagmar

      A new edition of the popular children’s book that has fascinated many youngsters and moved them to take up the violin: The fanciful and colorfully illustrated story of a little snail who undertakes the difficult task of finding a voice for her friend the

    • November 2015

      The Opera Seasons of the Mingotti Brothers, 1730-1766: A New Register of Locations and Productions

      A Chronology based on Sources for the Extension and Reception of Venetian Opera North of the Alps

      by Theobald, Rainer

      Between 1731 and 1766 the opera impresarios Angelo and Pietro Mingotti, with itinerant ensembles, made Venetian opera known to a large middle-class public north of the Alps. The brothers gave guest performances throughout the region of the old Kingdom and

    • December 2015

      Between Three Cultures: Music and Nation- Building in Trieste

      by Santi, Matej

      Music functions in many ways as a medium for memory. Just as individuals associate the course of their own lives with particular pieces of music, so communities also possess special pieces of music to mark events and commemorative occasions. Especially si

    • February 2016

      From Venice to Salzburg: Tracking of a Multi- Layered Transfer

      by Ammerer, Gerhard/ Hannesschläger, Ingonda/Hochradner, Thomas

      There are many lines of connection from Venice over the Alps to Salzburg, from a cultural as well as an economic perspective. In the Fondaco dei Tedeschi by the Rialto bridge a continuous network of contact was maintained with Salzburg merchants which als

    • March 2016

      The Minnesänger in Bavaria and Austria

      by Bletschacher, Richard

      From among the many Minnesänger in the Bavarian-Austrian region Richard Bletschacher has chosen the most famous and the best documented cases and presented them with biographies as well as selections of their works, newly translated by the author. Among t

    • April 2016

      Mozart Studies, Vol. 23

      by Schmid, Manfred Hermann

      Founded in 1991, Mozart Studies publishes contributions in German, Italian, French, or English. Its central focus is on scholarship concerning the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    • May 2016

      Salzburg: Sounds of Migration

      History and Current Initiatives

      by Gratzer, Wolfgang/ Hahn, Sylvia/ Malkiewicz, Michael/ Veits-Falk, Sabine

      Migration and music have more in common that appears at first glance. So also in Salzburg. The volume Salzburg: Sounds of Migration surveys I. the long history of the reciprocal relationship between music and migration; II. current musical initiatives wit

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