• Literature & Literary Studies
      July 2016

      K. V. Dominic Essential Readings and Study Guide

      Poems about Social Justice, Women's Rights, and the Environment

      by K. V. Dominic

      K. V. Dominic Essential Readings gathers for the first time the three most important works of poetry from this shining new light of contemporary Indian verse in English: Winged Reason, Write Son, Write andMulticultural Symphony. A fourth collection of 22 previously unpublished poems round out a complete look at the first 12 years of Dominic’s prolific and profound verse. Each poem includes unique Study Guide questions suitable for South Asian studies curricula.Written in free verse, each of his poems makes the reader contemplate on intellectual, philosophical, spiritual, political, and social issues of the present world. Themes range from multiculturalism, environmental issues, social mafia, caste-ism, exploitation of women and children, poverty, and corruption to purely introspective matters. From the observation of neighborhood life to international events, and everyday forgotten tragedies of India, nothing escapes the grasp of Dominic’s keen sense of the fragility of life and morality in the modern world.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      July 2016

      Saris and a Single Malt

      by Sweta Srivastava Vikram

      Saris and a Single Malt is a moving collection of poems written by a daughter for and about her mother. The book spans the time from when the poet receives a phone call in New York City that her mother is in a hospital in New Delhi, to the tim

    • August 2011

      Stolen Secrets

      A Dr. Cory Cohen Mystery

      by Sandra L. Ceren (Author)

      A woman reveals her most intimate fantasy... a stolen secret which could lead to murder! A strait-laced patient in San Diego running for District Attorney is threatened by a midnight phone caller who knows her

    • August 2014

      Love Imagined

      A Mixed Race Memoir

      by Sherry Quan Lee (Author),Lola Osunkoya (Foreword)

      Love Imagined is an American woman's unique struggle for identity. "Joining the long history of women of color fighting to claim literary space to tell our stories, Sherry Quan Lee shares her truth with fierce courage and stre

    • August 2011


      A tale of dissociation

      by Christine Stark (Author),Anya Achtenberg (Foreword)

      "...a perfect genius that makes the impossible in expression, possible; the unknowable in experience, knowable" --Anya Achtenberg, author of The Stories of Devil-Girl Nickels follows a biracial girl

    • June 2009

      Surviving A House Full of Whispers

      by Sharon Wallace (Author)

      Sharon suffered continual physical and sexual abuse from her stepfather for seven years. Unfortunately, no one would listen to her or believe her story. At age 16, she finally finds the courage to flee from her tormenters. Social Services find her the fir

    • January 2015

      Trips to the Edge

      Tales of the Unexpected

      by Diane Wing (Author)

      Kick back and enjoy this mini-anthology of spine-tingling short stories from Diane Wing, author of Thorne Manor And Other Bizarre Tales and Coven: Scrolls of the Four Winds. Another Walk in the Park: A familiar wa

    • Judaism
      May 2020

      At Wit's End

      by Louis Kaplan

    • Judaism
      January 2015


      Tells the story of Judaism from the medieval ghettos through the Enlightenment to the tragedy of the Holocaust and the birth of modern Israel, with over 250 illustrations

      by Lawrence Joffe

      This in-depth history of the Jewish faith explores how Jews have lived under Christianity and Islamic rule, survived centuries of anti-Semitism, life in the Diaspora, the Holocaust and the revival of Judaism today. In the 19th century, mass migration to A

    • Weapons & equipment
      November 2013


      The story of weaponry and warfare from the Stone Age to the present day, shown in over 400 illustrations and photographs

      by Will Fowler

      From the earliest times, humans have always had a need for weapons, whether for hunting, attacking or for protection. This book takes the reader through time, exploring the reality of what it was like to live in the past, from prehistoric times to life in

    • July 2014

      Alfredo's Journey

      An Artist's Creative Life with Bipolar Disorder

      by Alfredo Zotti (Author),Bob Rich (Foreword)

      More than a just a journey, Alfredo gives us a blueprint for humane treatment of mental illness In 1981, twenty-three-year old Alfredo Zotti began his lifelong challenge of living with Bipolar II Disorder. He quickly hit rock bottom, spend

    • November 2015

      Reading between the lines – Leo Strauss and the history of early modern philosophy

      by Winfried Schröder

      Philosophical texts of the early modern era in which sanctions were imposed on those who entertained deviating views require a particular hermeneutical approach: According to Leo Strauss the interpreter's task is to uncover their ‘esoteric’ messages. The

    • March 2014

      Introduction to the History of English

      by Thomas Kohnen

      This book is written for students of English who are interested in the history of the language and would like to read an accessible but also comprehensive and reasonably detailed introduction. Apart from basic information about language change and the Ind

    • April 2017

      Theories of Dynamic Cosmopolitanism in Modern European History

      by Georg Cavallar

      It is often assumed that cosmopolitan thinkers since the Renaissance have simply adopted and refined concepts from classical antiquity. This study argues that modern European cosmopolitanism should be perceived as a unique phenomenon, distinct from Greek

    • Literature & Literary Studies

      History of Chinese Modern Popular Literature

      by Fan Boqun

      A pioneering academic project by Fan Boqun, a founder in the field of Chinese popular literature research, the book is divided into eight compilations: "Social Romance", "Martial Arts Making", "Detective Stories", "Historical Stories", "Humorous Storie

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      May 2017

      The History of Nordic Relative Clauses

      by Terje Wagener

      TRENDS IN LINGUISTICS is a series of

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      November 2018

      From Space in Modern Art to a Spatial Art History

      Reassessing Constructivism through the Publication "Circle" (1937)

      by Jutta Vinzent

      Die Reihe zielt auf einen interdisziplinären Austausch über Praktiken und Konzepte aus der Doppelperspektive von Raum und Zeit. Räumlichkeit und Zeitlichkeit und ihre unauflösliche Korrelation werden in historischen sowie aktuellen Zusammenhängen und h

    • July 2012

      Blue Earth

      by Anya Achtenberg (Author)

      Blue Earth is a compelling novel of Minnesota, a land that guards its secrets. Carver Heinz loses both farm and family in the farm crisis of the 1980s. Displaced into urban Minneapolis, he becomes obsessed with Angie, a beautiful child

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