• Organization & management of education
      January 2014

      Distributed Leadership Matters

      Perspectives, Practicalities, and Potential

      by Alma Harris

      Distributed leadership—engaging the many rather than the few in school improvement—has long been a promising theory. But it must be implemented effectively before educators and students can reap the rewards, including improved learner outcomes and stronge

    • Mind, Body, Spirit
      June 2015

      Awakening Leadership

      Embracing Mindfulness, Your Life’s Purpose, and the Leader You Were Born to Be

      by Horner, Christine

      Human advancement requires the realization that each one of us has an essential role to fulfill to lead humanity into a new era of true equality and prosperity. In Awakening Leadership, Horner describes how mindfulness connects us to the Unified

    • Management: leadership & motivation
      April 2017

      The Authority Guide to Mindful Leadership

      Simple techniques and exercises to manage yourself, manage others and effect change

      by Palma Michel

      How do you implement mindfulness in the workplace? Today’s leaders and organisations need to develop an agile mindset and take bold risks. This Authority Guide shows you how to link mindfulness directly to business challenges and offers practical

    • January 2017

      Faith, Life and Leadership

      8 Canadian Women Tell Their Stories

      by Lang, Georgialee

      Here are 8 prominent women in leadership in Canada who are led by God’s Spirit, who have come forward to serve as mentors and models for others. As successful, godly Canadian women, each is a distinguished leader in her field, willing to share the unique

    • October 2017

      Faith, Leadership and Public Life

      Leadership Lessons from Moses to Jesus

      by Manning, Preston

    • Health & Personal Development
      July 2019

      Fear Money Purpose

      How to overcome your fears to find financial freedom and your true purpose

      by Nancy Youssef

      Small business owners and entrepreneurs often face big money fears. Whether it is the fear of not making money, of not knowing what to do with the money they make or the fear of being financially responsible for staff, the fear is real. In FEAR

    • Politics & government
      September 2014

      Leadership in the Cuban Revolution

      The Unseen Story

      by Antoni Kapcia

      Most conventional readings of the Cuban Revolution have seemed mesmerised by the personality and role of Fidel Castro, often missing a deeper political understanding of the Revolution’s underlying structures, bases of popular loyalty and ethos o

    • August 2009

      Rational, Ethical and Spiritual Perspectives on Leadership

      Selected Writings

      by Peter Pruzan

      The author’s experiences in many organizational and cultural contexts are reflected in this book’s selection from his writings during the past twenty years. They portray an evolution in his mind-set – from rational to ethical to spiritual perspectives on

    • February 2011

      Leadership Responsibility

      Ethical and Organizational Considerations

      by Simon Robinson

      This book is about the ethics of leadership. The author examines central theories of leadership and their ethical content, from charismatic leadership to transformational and servant leadership. He argues that ethical leadership is best understood in the

    • October 2009

      Perspectivas comparativas del Liderazgo / Comparative Perspectives on Leadership

      RISC 2008

      by Carmen Maganda, Harlan Koff

      Expertos en Liderazgo han reconocido una paradoja que caracteriza este concepto: buscamos un liderazgo efectivo justo cuando los líderes son incapaces de manejar apropiadamente los acontecimientos que afectan nuestras vidas. Confrontar este círc

    • August 2012

      Leadership in Challenging Situations

      by Harald Haas, Franz Kernic, Andrea Plaschke

      This volume aims at bridging a gap in contemporary scientific military leadership research regarding leadership in challenging situations. Today’s leaders face challenging situations in a complex world, in ‘old’ as well as in ‘new’ missions worldwide. The

    • December 2015

      Expanding the Frontiers of Pastoral Leadership in a Changing Society

      Festschrift for Peter Damian Akpunonu on the Occasion of His Priestly Golden Jubilee

      by Hyacinth E. Ichoku, Martin Joe U. Ibeh

      Providing effective leadership in Church and society is one of the most difficult human endeavors. It influences the dynamics and quality of social and spiritual life. The Church in the developing countries needs more than ever charismatic and prophetic l

    • July 2016


      Skills, Behaviors & Traits

      by Anil Paul

      The author presents required leadership characteristics – 38 skills, 12 behaviors, and 9 traits – for project managers to run projects successfully. He offers a qualitative case study explaining the importance of Commitment, Communication, Knowledge, Moti

    • February 2017

      Political Leadership in Morphogenetic Perspective

      by Filip Pierzchalski

      This book depicts a new research perspective of political leadership, in which the multi-level and dynamic leadership relation is explained as relations between the leader (human agency) and followers (sociological environment). In this sense, leadership

    • May 2017

      Duty, Discipline and Leadership in the British Royal Navy

      Edward Riou between James Cook and Lord Nelson

      by Martin Rütten

      Edward Riou (1762–1801) was a sea officer in the British Royal Navy. As a midshipman, he participated in the third voyage of Captain James Cook. He gained popular acclaim for saving HMS Guardian after she had struck an iceberg. Riou was killed in the Batt

    • March 2010

      New Perspectives in Educational Leadership

      Exploring Social, Political, and Community Contexts and Meaning- Foreword by Fenwick W. English- Conclusion by Linda C. Tillman

      by Sonya Douglass Horsford

      New Perspectives in Educational Leadership examines educational administration and leadership within the complex social, political, and community contexts that inform and influence the work of today’s educational leaders. With particular attention to the

    • April 2010

      Community College Leadership and Administration

      Theory, Practice, and Change

      by Carlos Nevarez, Luke J. Wood

      This book, a training tool for the 21st-century community college leader and administrator, deconstructs outdated practices and constructs new approaches to how contemporary community college leadership is viewed, practiced, and envisioned. Both timely an

    • April 2011

      Teacher Leadership

      The «New» Foundations of Teacher Education- A Reader

      by Eleanor Blair Hilty

      Over the past two decades, numerous textbooks have been published on teacher leadership; however, this is the only volume that provides a definitive overview of the scholarship and writing being done in the field of teacher leadership. This book introduce

    • October 2011

      Transformative Leadership

      A Reader

      by Carolyn M. Shields

      This important, timely, and thought-provoking reader is a collection of original chapters by authors from five different countries, each of whom explores a facet of transformative leadership. Transformative leadership is fundamentally a critical approach

    • December 2011

      Turnaround Leadership

      Deans of Color as Change Agents

      by Olga M. Welch, Ed.D.

      This book focuses attention on deans as agents of change using the conceptual framework of «turnaround leadership for higher education» (Fullan and Scott, Turnaround Leadership for Higher Education). Drawing on this framework, cases studies of s

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