• October 2017

      Faith, Leadership and Public Life

      Leadership Lessons from Moses to Jesus

      by Manning, Preston

    • September 2015

      Make Mentoring Work

      by Peter Wilson

      Many of Australia’s leaders in business, education, politics and sport have relied on a mentor. Many have now become mentors themselves. Peter Wilson is the Chair of Australia's preeminent association for Australian Human Resource professionals,

    • June 2016

      A World of Difference

      Leading in Global Markets with Cultural Intelligence

      by Felicity Menzies

      A World of Difference is written by diversity and inclusion expert, Felicity Menzies, for employees working in global teams; for managers, human resource professionals; and leaders of global companies seeking to minimise the risks and unl

    • Management & management techniques
      August 2017

      Leadership Matters

      7 Skills of Very Successful Leaders

      by David Pich and Ann Messenger

      Leadership Matters is packed with ideas, research and practical advice for aspiring leaders in Australia and worldwide. It will keep you thinking long after you have finished reading. Authors David Pich and Ann Messenger, together with

    • March 2018

      Give Back, Lead Forward

      Why Every Leader should be a Mentor and have a Mentor

      by Julian Carle

      Give Back. Lead Forward by Julian Carle provides a practical framework that demonstrates why every leader should be a mentor and have a mentor. If you are a leader looking to become a mentor then this book highlights not only how to go about i

    • Health & Personal Development
      July 2018

      Read me first

      Before you write the next chapter in the story of you

      by Lisa Stephenson

      Have you ever heard someone say, ‘If only life came with a set of instructions’? Success coach Lisa Stephenson has – hundreds of times. Almost every client utters this at some point in some form. Read Me First is the book she

    • October 2018

      Lead Like a Coach

      How to Get the Most out of any Team

      by Karen Morley

      According to leadership expert, Karen Morley, leaders who coach can double their engagement score. Even more importantly in today’s technology-driven, fast-paced world, they can lighten their load and reduce the pressure on themselves. Co

    • November 2018

      Outside-In Downside-Up Leadership

      50 Insights From a True Story of Remarkable Organisational Change

      by Jason T. Smith

      For more than a decade, Jason T. Smith had led his business with a traditional vertical organisational structure that mostly worked – up to a point, anyway. But something changed. He set an unreasonable goal that couldn’t be achieved throug

    • Business, Economics & Law
      February 2019

      The Languages of Leadership

      How to use your words, actions and behaviours to influence your team, peers and boss

      by Wendy Born

      Many of us have issues trying to lead disparate teams with multiple personalities, colleagues with conflicting agendas and bosses with minds of their own. The questions we often ask ourselves are: How do I manage my team

    • Business, Economics & Law
      April 2019

      The Dynamic Leader

      Become the leader others are inspired to follow

      by Shelley Flett

      The Dynamic Leader is the leader the author wishes she’d had to follow. It is the leader readers can become and who others will aspire to follow. Approaching leadership with a ‘task’ focus means your interest is

    • Business, Economics & Law
      June 2019

      Leading Well

      7 attributes of very successful leaders

      by David Pich and Ann Messenger

      Leading Well is a leadership inspiration book focused on leadership, not leaders. Leadership inspiration is too often attributed to the idea of a leadership genius – one saintly figure who personifies all the virtues of leadershi

    • Business, Economics & Law
      June 2019

      Lead the Room

      Communicate a Message That Counts in Moments That Matter

      by Shane M. Hatton

      “Not just a book about presentation skills (though if it helps you nail your next presentation that’s great), my aim with Lead the Room is that it equips you to leverage your platform to lead and mobilise your team and

    • Organization & management of education
      January 2014

      Distributed Leadership Matters

      Perspectives, Practicalities, and Potential

      by Alma Harris

      Distributed leadership—engaging the many rather than the few in school improvement—has long been a promising theory. But it must be implemented effectively before educators and students can reap the rewards, including improved learner outcomes and stronge

    • Mind, Body, Spirit
      June 2015

      Awakening Leadership

      Embracing Mindfulness, Your Life’s Purpose, and the Leader You Were Born to Be

      by Horner, Christine

      Human advancement requires the realization that each one of us has an essential role to fulfill to lead humanity into a new era of true equality and prosperity. In Awakening Leadership, Horner describes how mindfulness connects us to the Unified

    • Management: leadership & motivation
      April 2017

      The Authority Guide to Mindful Leadership

      Simple techniques and exercises to manage yourself, manage others and effect change

      by Palma Michel

      How do you implement mindfulness in the workplace? Today’s leaders and organisations need to develop an agile mindset and take bold risks. This Authority Guide shows you how to link mindfulness directly to business challenges and offers practical

    • January 2017

      Faith, Life and Leadership

      8 Canadian Women Tell Their Stories

      by Lang, Georgialee

      Here are 8 prominent women in leadership in Canada who are led by God’s Spirit, who have come forward to serve as mentors and models for others. As successful, godly Canadian women, each is a distinguished leader in her field, willing to share the unique

    • Politics & government
      September 2014

      Leadership in the Cuban Revolution

      The Unseen Story

      by Antoni Kapcia

      Most conventional readings of the Cuban Revolution have seemed mesmerised by the personality and role of Fidel Castro, often missing a deeper political understanding of the Revolution’s underlying structures, bases of popular loyalty and ethos o

    • August 2009

      Rational, Ethical and Spiritual Perspectives on Leadership

      Selected Writings

      by Peter Pruzan

      The author’s experiences in many organizational and cultural contexts are reflected in this book’s selection from his writings during the past twenty years. They portray an evolution in his mind-set – from rational to ethical to spiritual perspectives on

    • February 2011

      Leadership Responsibility

      Ethical and Organizational Considerations

      by Simon Robinson

      This book is about the ethics of leadership. The author examines central theories of leadership and their ethical content, from charismatic leadership to transformational and servant leadership. He argues that ethical leadership is best understood in the

    • October 2009

      Perspectivas comparativas del Liderazgo / Comparative Perspectives on Leadership

      RISC 2008

      by Carmen Maganda, Harlan Koff

      Expertos en Liderazgo han reconocido una paradoja que caracteriza este concepto: buscamos un liderazgo efectivo justo cuando los líderes son incapaces de manejar apropiadamente los acontecimientos que afectan nuestras vidas. Confrontar este círc

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