• Fiction
      January 2015

      Al Azbakia 

      Winner of Katara Prize For Arabic Novel 2016

      by Nasr Iraq

      In Al-Azbakia, Nasser Iraq endeavors to draw on the past, specifically the time when Muhammad Ali Pasha ruled Egypt, in an attempt to make sense of the present. His purpose is to shed light on some of today’s details that many fail to recognize as nothing

    • Fiction
      March 2017

      The Mystery of Madam Yin

      by Nathan Winters

      Inspector Celeste Summersteen is leaving Chicago to travel to London with young Dorothea Ellingsford. It may seem that she is merely accompanying the girl back to her family, whereas her real task is much more precarious: one of Dorothea’s friend

    • Memoirs
      October 2017


      by Ruth Uzrad

      This is the unbelievable autobiographical story of Ruth Uzrad, a Jewish teenager whose life was turned upside down by the Nazi regime. After her father was arrested one night from their Berlin apartment by the Gestapo, Ruth’s mother sends 13 year

    • Historical fiction
      July 2018

      Doña Gracia’s Gold Pendant

      by Michal Aharoni Regev

      Doña Gracia’s Gold Pendant is a story of love, jealousy, intrigue, mortal terror - about family secrets, courage and devotion. This fascinating historical novel takes place in the sixteenth century and depicts the wide-ranging journey of Doña Gracia Nasi,

    • Historical fiction
      October 2016

      My Name is Vittoria

      by Dafna Vitale Ben Bassat

      Vittoria Vitale was born to a noble Jewish family in the north of Italy at the very same year that Mussolini met his Jewish lover. With the onset of World War II, her life is carried by a swirl of atrocities, decisions, farewells and remorse that will sca

    • Memoirs
      September 2019

      Raking Light from Ashes

      by Relli Robinson

      When Relli was just a baby, the Nazis occupied Poland and she, together with her parents, were imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto, a way station before death. This is the amazing story of Relli Robinson, who, thanks to kindhearted, courageous people and a

    • Historical fiction
      September 2017

      Two Princes and a Queen

      by Shmuel David

      The adolescent son of a well-off Jewish family living a comfortable, sheltered life in Yugoslavia faces persecution. The family endures a harrowing voyage down the Danube River, hoping to reach pre-State Israel.

    • Fiction
      July 2020

      Las batallas silenciadas

      by Nives Muñoz


    • Fiction
      November 2013

      Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad

      by Ann Brady

      A story of a friendship between two women from different social stratus' that shouldn't have existed in the 19th century. The story tells how both ladies suffer, survive and find happiness and love with the most unlikely of men.

    • January 2016

      And I have Forgotten I was a woman

      by Ihsan Abd El Quddous

      As women liberation was one of the main issues during the 20th century, Ihsan Abdel Quddous was so concerned with this issue. In this novel, he argues that woman liberation and participation in the social and political life shouldn’t negatively impact her

    • Fiction
      April 2018


      Las hijas del Norte

      by I. Biggi

      THE CERROS DE ÚBEDA AWARD 2019 FOR BEST HISTORICAL NOVEL. VIKINGS AT IBERIAN PENINSULA 859 A. C. Viking drakars are moving to Seville, one of the richest cities all around the world. Their objective: raze and loot it.

    • Fiction
      July 2020


      by Mario Villén Lucena

      A KINGDOM OF LEGEND - THE BIRTH OF A MYTHICAL DYNASTY Alarcos, 1195. The Muslim army has defeated the troops led by the Castilian King Alfonso XI. Asquilula, Andalusi naqîb, feels doubly happy: he returns home victorious and at the same t

    • Fiction
      May 2020

      La reina del exilio

      by Herminia Luque

      EDHASA’S HISTORICAL FICTION AWARD 2020 Salic law’s abolition in articulo mortis and accession to the throne of Elizabeth II unleash the conflictive 19th Century in Spain, time of fratricidal wars, conspiracies and mysteries. <p

    • Fiction
      May 2020

      Bellum Cantabricum

      by José Manuel Aparicio

      FINALIST FOR EDHASA HISTORICAL FICTION AWARD 2020 CANTABRIA AGAINST ROMEThe year is 26 a. C. Once again, Roman Empire try to conquer the indomitable Cantabrians and Asturians, hardened warriors that mercilessly defend their impregna

    • Memoirs
      November 2014

      Codename: Zosha

      by Yehudit Kafri Meiri 

      Zosha Poznanska was recruited into the Soviet spy network known as the Red Orchestra, which operated in Western Europe. She was imprisoned in a Gestapo prison. The State of Israel posthumously awarded Zosha a medal of honor for fighting the Nazis.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      June 2017

      Pompeii’s Ashes

      The Reception of the Cities Buried by Vesuvius in Literature, Music, and Drama

      by Eric Moormann

      Although there are many works dealing with Pompeii and Herculaneum, none of them try to encompass the entire spectrum of material related to its reception in popular imagination. Pompeii’s Ashes surveys a broad variety of such works, ranging from travelog

    • Fiction



      In 1530, young Paolo Manuzio visits his widowed mother in a villa in the Modena countryside to show her a draft of a biography of Aldo Manuzio, his father and the most important printer of all time. He doesn’t know how radically the tru

    • Children's & YA



      A story about loyalty in friendship for young readers and adults. General Franco’s troops stormed Madrid. But the city withstood the attack. What really happened on that day? Joaquin Dechen, a youth who dreams of becoming an aviator

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