• Children's & YA
      January 2010

      Tuesdays, at Four Thirty pm

      by Eshkar Erblich-Brifman

      “My name is Ellie and I’m fourteen and a few months old. Once a week I go to a psychologist. My mother says he is one of the best. My father does not really ca

    • Children's & YA
      July 2018

      You Can Fly, Little Bird

      by Tuula Pere (author), Alexandra Burda (illustrator)

      In a bird family's nest, three baby birds hatch from their eggs. Cautious Serene is the last one born. The noises of the dense forest are frightening to the timid little bird. When it's time to fly, unlike her siblings, she just can’t find the co

    • Garden design & planning
      February 2011

      The Complete Illustrated Guide to Japanese Gardening and Growing Bonsai

      Essential advice, step-by-step techniques and projects, plans, plant listings and over 1500 photographs and illustrations

      by Charles Chesshire Ken Norman

      Japanese gardening and bonsai are horticultural disciplines where natural elements are formed for visual effect. Part one looks at the history, inspiration and method of Japanese gardening, and introduces the five styles. Chapters covering the classic fea

    • Garden design & planning
      January 2011

      The Gardener's Guide to Growing Fuchsias

      The complete guide to cultivating fuchsias, with step-by-step gardening techniques, an illustrated directory of over 500 varieties and 800 beautiful photographs

      by John Nicholass

      Beginning with the outdoor garden, this book shows how to grow fuchsias as specimen plants, for summer bedding, in the rockery, underplanted with bulbs, as hedges and as trained shapes. Beautifully illustrated galleries showcase an inspirational range of

    • Allotments
      February 2015


      A step-by-step guide to kitchen and allotment gardening with 1400 photographs

      by Richard Bird Jessica Houdret

      Growing your own produce is highly rewarding, and this book gives you all the knowledge you require to plan and plant your own crops. There are detailed sections on how to design a variety of kitchen and herb gardens. Beautiful plans and clear planting li

    • Gardening: growing fruit & vegetables
      February 2015


      A directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully

      by Richard Bird Christine France

      First cultivated in South America, then introduced into Europe in the 16th century, the love apple or tomato is now cultivated worldwide. In this useful kitchen garden handbook, the most popular varieties are explored, including beefsteak tomatoes such

    • Garden design & planning
      February 2015


      A directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully

      by Richard Bird

      Growing your own herbs is immensely rewarding, providing fresh materials for use in recipes and home remedies, as well as creating attractive and fragrant areas in the garden. All the main types of herbs are described and illustrated in this beautiful han

    • Garden design & planning
      April 2015


      A directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully

      by Richard Bird

      Shoots, peas and beans are some of the choicest and most delicious of the many vegetable crops available to the kitchen gardener. In this book, the main types are described and illustrated, with useful information about the varieties that can be grown, th

    • Garden design & planning
      April 2015


      A directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully

      by Richard Bird

      Bulb vegetables have leaves that are adapted to store food reserves below or just above the ground, creating fleshy leaf bulbs. This book describes and illustrates all the main types, and includes useful information about the different varieties that can

    • Gardening: growing fruit & vegetables
      June 2015


      A directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully

      by Richard Bird

      GROWING ROOT VEGETABLES A directory of varieties and how to cultivate them successfully Richard Bird and Christine Ingram CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE BOOK

    • January 2012

      Growing Up With Girl Power

      Girlhood On Screen and in Everyday Life

      by Rebecca Hains

      For more than a decade, girl power has been a cultural barometer, reflecting girlhood’s ever-changing meanings. How did girl power evolve from a subcultural rallying cry to a mainstream catchphrase, and what meaning did young girls find in its pop culture

    • March 2002

      Growing Up in Kenya

      Rural Schooling and Girls

      by Ann Mungai

      Growing Up in Kenya: Rural Schooling and Girls reveals the clash between the traditional values and roles of women and the school culture and expectations. Traditionally, women were brought up to value the roles of wife, mother, and cultivator. This book

    • Gardening
      June 2017

      Growing Vegetables and Flowers from Your Own Seeds

      by Heidi Lorey

      Would you like to collect seeds from your own garden? Here you’ll find out how it’s done – all the working steps from sowing and maintenance of the plants to seed ripening. Vegetable varieties, summer flowers and herbaceous perennials

    • Gardening
      June 2017

      Growing Bell Peppers and Chillies

      by Eva Schumann

      40 varieties for the garden and balcony Do you love chillies and bell peppers, and have you always wanted to grow them? – they look and taste great! Choose from a colourful range of varieties and find out how your plants on the balcony or in the

    • Gardening
      January 2018

      Growing Perennial Vegetables

      by Philippe Collignon | Bernard Bureau

      With perennial vegetables, you’ll save time, money and effort, because after just one planting you’ll be able to enjoy your own fresh vegetables year after year. Whether in the garden or on the balcony, with the experienced authors’ helpful instructions a

    • Gardening
      January 2018

      Growing Organic Vegetables

      by Ortrud Grieb

      This book provides answers to all the questions regarding the vegetable beds, from sowing to harvest: What role does climate play, and what can be grown in the soil? What tools are required for watering, cutting back or mulching? How can you best use orga

    • Gardening
      March 2018

      Growing Wild Herbs in Pots and in the Garden

      by Heide Bergmann | Ulrike Armbruster

      Native wild herbs are full of vital ingredients, and are a practical, wise and delicious supplement to our nutrition, making buying superfoods unnecessary. So why not grow some of these 25 wild herbs in the garden and on your balcony. Needless to say, the

    • The Arts
      January 2019

      Growing Architecture

      How to Make Buildings out of Trees

      by Ferdinand Ludwig, Daniel Schönle

      cf. German edition

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      October 2015

      Growing Up a Woman

      by Editor(s): Soňa Šnircová, Milena Kostić

    • Interdisciplinary studies
      February 2016

      Growing Democracy in Africa

      by Editor(s): Muna Ndulo, Mamoudou Gazibo

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