• Dogs as pets
      May 2017

      Dog and cat under one roof

      A harmonious life together

      by Tamara Nawratil

      This guidebook helps dog and cat owners to make the life together easier, to create optimal starting conditions for a harmonious relationship and gives suppo

    • Dog obedience & training
      September 2016

      Beware of the Door Bell!

      Behaviour training for over-friendly, over-excited and overly control-focussed dogs

      by Sabrina Reichel

      As the door bell rings, a madly barking four-pawed chaos lounges forward and offers its bewildered owner not a chance to calmly greet his visitors- a very common scenario in many dog households. How to train your dog to politely greet visitors without

    • Dog obedience & training
      September 2016

      Don’t fear the Vet

      Medical Training for Dogs

      by Sabrina Reichel

      Highlight Many dogs show fear or even panic at the vet. This is not only disturbing for them and their owners, but also puts at risk the success of t

    • Dogs as pets
      May 2016

      The Human Factor.

      Client communication and conflictmanagement for dog professionals.

      by Fiss-Quelle, Susanne

      Every professional who deals with dogs- trainer, veterinarian and many more – have also to deal with the owner, which is at times much more difficult than dealing with the dog. Much of the training or treatment success depends on how well you manage to

    • Dogs as pets
      June 2008

      Lassie, Rex & Co

      by Dr. Felicia Rehage

      Our absolute bestseller! More than 40.000 copies sold in Germany, excellent press reviews.The ultimate book of dog training, written by a vet. 8th updated printrun.

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