• Children's & YA

      China Tales · The Proud Chopsticks

      by Ava Du

      The Proud Chopsticks tells the origin and tale of Chinese chopsticks with the story of Little Panda and his friends. Little Panda is invited to join Little Dragon’s birthday party; they will eat birthday noodles at the party, which is th

    • Children's & YA

      Bear & Fox

      by Ulla Sainio

      How do animals react to climate change? Find out with Bear and Fox as they team up with their animal friends on a quest to find winter. Winter is coming… but it never arrives! Best friends Bear and Fox decide to go ice fishing, only to

    • Children's & YA

      The Monster Tournament

      by Pasi Pitkänen

      ‘Where the Wild Things Are' meets ‘Fantastic Beasts' and ‘Pokémon!' Eren has decided to accept Princess Rola’s challenge and take part in the Monster Tournament. Competitors each get an egg that will

    • Children's & YA

      Mister King

      by Raija Siekkinen & Hannu Taina

      Gentle and humorous fairy tale about a lonely king and a cat who changes the king’s life. This picture book classic is a gem of children’s literature. “Far away from here, on the

    • January 2018

      Clover Pantomime Picture Book

      Mr. Spider's Funeral

      by LI Shanshan

      On a nice day of summer, Mr. Spider did a stupid thing. He sent black invitations to his friends, asking them to attend his funeral on time. The friends all shocked, cried and hurried to Mr. Spider’ s house. However, Mr. Spider stood in front of the do

    • December 2019

      ¿Quieres nadar conmigo? Do You Want to Swim with Me?)

      by Cristina Torrón

      This picture book is an adventure full of sensitivity which shows the feelings that hide behind certain children. A song to inclusion masterfully reflected with a die that simulates the waves of the sea. “Some people are made of air, others are m

    • Teaching, Language & Reference

      Nishan Book Series·China Tales·The Legend of Dumplings

      by Judy Petrosian

      The Legend of Dumplings tells the origin and tale of Chinese dumplings with the story of the outstanding medical scientist Zhang Zhongjing of the Eastern Han Dynasty. On the way home, Dr. Zhang Zhongjing saw a girl crying because her ears were

    • Children's & YA

      China Tales·A Present for the Emperor

      by Yung-Jyy Liu

      A Present for the Emperor beginning with the story of Mei Mei crossing through time and space in her dream to help the boy to present gifts to empire, tells what the dumplings look like and how to make dumplings. Mei Mei came to grandma’s home, a “Siheyua

    • Children's & YA

      China Tales·The Chinese Dragon

      by Judy Petrosian

      The Chinese Dragon beginning with the dragon dance performance in Chinatown, tells the important significance of Chinese dragon to Chinese nation. One day, Peter told his Chinese teacher Long Laoshi that he had saw him in the dragon dance. So Long Laoshi

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