• Memoirs
      February 2017

      The Secret Lives of Ceramics

      The Stories Behind our Favourite Family China

      by Molly Hatch

      Curated and illustrated by American artist and ceramicist Molly Hatch, this beautifully produced book explores the intimate family stories revealed by single, treasured pieces from our tables and shelves. Each exquisite artwork is combined with the tal

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      The History of Chinese Ceramics

      by Fang Lili

      Through reading The History of Chinese Ceramics, you’ll find it evident that the history of Chinese ceramics, on one hand relives the hi

    • Medicine
      June 2018

      Las Claves de la prótesis fija en cerámica

      by Ernest Mallat / Juan Cadafalch / Javier de Miguel

      Prosthetic treatments have undergone considerable evolution in recent years, mainly through the use of materials. Not only has the consolidation of materials such as lithium disilicate or zirconium oxide been confirmed, but

    • Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts
      September 2006


      How to transform bowls, plates, cups, vases, jars and tiles into exquisite original pieces, with simple techniques and 300 inspirational photographs

      by Simona Hill

      This delightful book shows how you can add vibrancy and interest to ceramics around the home, and transform them into beautiful objects that complement the rest of your decor. Painting ceramics is fun and easy to learn. The book is split into three main s

    • Handicrafts, decorative arts & crafts
      April 2014


      165 original and stylish projects to decorate the home and garden, illustrated with more than 1500 step-by-step photographs, templates and easy-to-follow instructions

      by Simona Hill

      This unique book presents three beautiful and complementary crafts with step-by-step techniques and easy-to-follow projects. Simple instructions guide you through making mosaics, decorating china and painting glass, with practical ideas for the home and d

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      August 2015

      Mater of Ceramic Teapot: Biography of Gu Jingzhou

      by Xu Feng

      Gu Jingzhou(1915-1996) is the most accomplished ceramics master in contemporary China. His works are famous for the decorate technics, elegant style, and various shapes. He raises ceramic craft to a new level with ultimate combination of technic and ar

    • July 2015

      Middle Woodland Occupations of the Kankakee River Valley and Beyond:

      The Goodall Tradition Revisited and Reinterpreted

      by William L. Mangold

    • August 2014

      Ceramics from el-Bālū‛

      by Udo Worschech

      This book is a first presentation of pottery samples from el-Balu? in the northern Ard el-Kerak, the ancient Moabitis which today is Central Jordan. The forms presented here are dating from the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age down to the Persian periods of

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      December 1982

      Ceramics, Chronology and Community Patterns

      An Archaeological Study at Moundville

      by Vincas P. Steponaitis, Stuart Struever

      This book should prove useful to scholars in a variety of ways, for it deals with culture-historical, methodological, and evolutionary issues from shedding light on Moundville’s development. In addressing matters of culture history, the study presents a d

    • December 2015

      Advances in Bioceramics and Porous Ceramics VIII

      by Roger Narayan, Paolo Colombo, Jingyang Wang, Soshu Kirihara

      The Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceeding has been published by The American Ceramic Society since 1980. This series contains a collection of papers dealing with issues in both traditional ceramics (i.e., glass, whitewares, refractories, and p

    • July 2016

      Ceramics for Energy Conversion, Storage, and Distribution Systems

      by Thomas Pfeifer, Josef Matyáš, Palani Balaya, Dileep Singh, John Wei, Mrityunjay Singh, Tatsuki Ohji, Alexander Michaelis

      A collection of 25 papers presented at the 11th International Symposium on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications (CMCEE-11), June 14-19, 2015 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Paper in this volume were presented in the below s

    • August 2016

      Advanced Ceramic Materials

      by Ashutosh Tiwari, Rosario A. Gerhardt, Magdalena Szutkowska

      Ceramic materials are inorganic and non-metallic porcelains, tiles, enamels, cements, glasses and refractory bricks. Today, "ceramics" has gained a wider meaning as a new generation of materials influence on our lives; electronics, computers, communica

    • February 2016

      Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials 2016

      by Shadia Ikhmayies, Bowen Li, John S. Carpenter, Jiann-Yang Hwang, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Jian Li, Donato Firrao, Mingming Zhang, Zhiwei Peng, J. Pablo Escobedo-Diaz, Chengguang Bai

      Characterization is an important and fundamental step in material research before and after processing. This bookfocuses on the characterization of minerals, metals, and materials as well as the application of characterization results on the processing

    • September 2016

      Journal of Prosthodontics on Complex Restorations

      by Nadim Z. Baba, David L. Guichet

      Journal of Prosthodontics on Complex Restorations compiles 34 of the journal’s best articles discussing complex restorative dental challenges, collecting notable works on the subject. Presents a curated list of the best peer-revie

    • October 2017

      Processing, Properties, and Design of Advanced Ceramics and Composites II

      by Narottam P. Bansal, Ricardo H. R. Castro, Michael Jenkins, Amit Bandyopadhyay, Susmita Bose, Amar S. Bhalla, J. P. Singh, Morsi M. Mahmoud, Gary Pickrell, Sylvia Johnson, Hasan Göçmez

      Processing, Properties, and Design of Advanced Ceramics and Composites II, Ceramic Transactions Volume 261 Narottam P. Bansal, Ricardo H. R. Castro, Michael Jenkins, Amit Bandyopadhyay, Susmita Bose, Amar Bhalla, J.P. Singh, Morsi M. Mahm

    • May 2018

      Industrial Chemistry of Oxides for Emerging Applications

      by Lech Pawlowski, Philippe Blanchart

      Valuable insights into the extraction, production, and properties of a large number of natural and synthetic oxides utilized in applications worldwide from ceramics, electronic components, and coatings This handbook describes each of the

    • The Arts
      October 2018

      Stained Glass

      by Aidan McRae Thomson

      Stained glass has been one of the chief glories of Britain’s churches – and, later, grand houses and public buildings – since Norman times. Surviving medieval windows constitute the greatest collection of pre-Tudor art to have survived the iconoclasm of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and together with the work of later glass artists, our inheritance of stained glass is one of the key features of our national heritage. In this new introduction to stained glass in Britain scholar and artist, Aidan McRae Thomson traces the story of this extraordinary art form from its beginnings, illustrating magnificent twelfth century windows from Canterbury Cathedral and elsewhere, before explaining the development of the stained glass windows through the medieval period, as new techniques were developed, and the art of storytelling in glass reached ever greater heights. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries techniques changed, with the emphasis moving from stained to painted glass, and a new emphasis on non-religious subjects, but in the nineteenth century medieval techniques and subjects were revived, and these windows from the gothic revival period constitute the great majority of our national collection of glass. The twentieth century has seen a new flowering of stained glass, and at both old churches and new, modern glass is a striking and highly effective feature. Using high quality colour photographs, this book explains the development and manufacture of our remarkable medieval glass before giving full coverage to the later glass that fills the windows of most of our churches, great houses and civic buildings.

    • September 2014

      Ferroelectric ceramics

      Effect of donor ion doping on dielectric,ferroelectric and impedance properties

      by Indrani Coondoo

      Ferroelectric materials exhibit a wide spectrum of functional properties like switchable polarization, piezoelectricity, non-linear optical activity, pyroelectricity & non-linear dielectric behaviour, that has attracted researchers for many decades. These

    • March 2018

      Ceramics Town

      by Yu Yin

      The manuscript is made on the basis of ceramics collections in Shanghai Museum and exhibitions in Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum, customized for kindergarten to lower grades of primary school children. As a popular science book for parent-child reading

    • A History of Chinese Ceramics

      by Qi WANG

      A History of Chinese Ceramics is a systematic overview of the history of Chinese ceramics. The author has specialized in ceramics research for more than 30 years. Putting the firing and use of ceramics in the context of Chinese historical system, etiqu

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