• Humanities & Social Sciences
      February 2014


      by ZHANG Haiyang, Paul Richardson

      Encyclopaedia of the Peoples of China is a global project undertaken by Yilin Press and the UK publisher Greene Media. This beautifully illustrated book presents a panorama of life styles, customs, traditions and cultures of the 56 ethnic groups of Chi

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      November 2013

      Gold Artifacts of Ancient China

      by Nanjing Museum

      This is a complete catalog of Gold Artifacts of Ancient China, enhanced by 400 high-quality images. These artifacts were displayed in five famous museums throughout China, including Nanjing Museum, Inner Mongolia Museum, Shanxi History Museum, Hubei Pr

    • Fiction
      March 2010

      Our Hearts Are So Stubborn

      by YE Zhaoyan

      Our Hearts Are So Stubborn is a novel about a generation of educated youths. Their lives have been realistically reconstructed through the imagination and writing of Zhaoyan Ye. Previous books about this generation of educated youths have been closely

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      Peking Opera Codes

      by Author: Ione Meyer Illustrator: Pang Yan

      In Peking Opera Codes, you can find rich background knowledge, vivid opera stories, original librettos, and photos of opera performances, as well as drawings.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      April 2015

      Symbols of China

      by Feng Jicai

      By carefully selecting 150 of the most interesting and recognizable symbols of Chinese culture, the six volume Chinese edition of Symbols of China has been condensed into this single hardcover edition of 250 pages containing an impressive 200 pictures.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      November 2012

      The Modernization of Chinese Economy

      by XIAO Geng

      The book provides a systematic analysis, from the perspective of New Institutional Economics, of the interactions between the institutional change and the economic structural transformation in China. The topics include state-owned enterprise reform, pr

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      June 2011

      The Space, the Stories and Shanghai Jews ---- Hongkew Getto: Then and Now

      by Zhang Yanhua

      Precious photos depicting Hongkew Getto in the past and the present. Vivid personal accounts from the Jewish refugees. Event documentation. Commentary from experts and famed scholars such as Mr. Jackie Eldan, Consul General of Israel in Shanghai. Inter

    • November 2017

      Literature or Music

      by YU Hua

      This book is a collection of 28 essays by one of the most internationally influential Chinese novelists,Yu Hua, who is the most prominent writer in contemporary China. His works have been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Persian, Po

    • June 2016

      Look Forward to Spring Breeze

      by Ge Fei

      Latest work by Chinese Borges. 2016 China National Book Award. The gradual transition, conflict and confusion between the rural and urban China. Ru Li Zhao is a simple yet scenic village in Jiangnan, known as the ancient home of wealthy and distinguished f

    • December 2017

      Wake Me Up at 9 AM

      by A Yi

      The title comes from a Borges interview, in which Borges planned to write a short story entitled Wake Me Up At 9 AM but he didn’t write it at last. A Yi borrowed this title. In A Yi’s story, looped in the night of his birthday, Hong Yang as

    • June 2015

      My Uncle Zhou Enlai

      by Zhou Erliu

      My Uncle Zhou Enlai honestly and sincerely records the bounds and influence of Zhou Enlai’s conduct, behavior and idealism from the perspective of author Zhou Erliu’s family history, personal experiences, and strong data proof. This new, over 200,000-word

    • August 2015

      The Crystallization of Chinese Opera

      by The Nanjing Musuem

      This is a complete catalogue of the exhibition The Crystallization of Chinese Opera, enhanced by high-quality images of more than 150 pieces (sets) of cultural relics related to various kinds of traditional Chinese operas, including UNESCO Intangible Cult

    • August 2013

      The Crucial Ten Years: Chinese Experience of Cultural Heritage Protection

      by Shan Jixiang

      Consisting of three volumes, Crucial Ten Years mainly focuses on China urban design, China cultural heritage preservation and museums establishment. The preservation of our cultural heritage has never been this important due to the acceleration of the urb

    • June 2012

      Dinner for Six

      by Lu Min

      Su Qin takes her children to Ding family to have dinner every Saturday, which makes dim love affair generated between Ding Chenggong of the son of Ding family and Su Qins daughter Xiaolan. Due to Su Qins restraint they could not be together. She abandons

    • December 2012

      Symbols of Jiangsu: The Ming Tomb

      by Zhang Daoyi

      Symbol of Jiangsu is devoted to twelve most representative and iconic symbols of Jiangsu culture. The texts are accompanied by pictures, bringing out an analysis of the past and present of Jiangsu culture. This series will present to readers all over the

    • December 2012

      Symbols of Jiangsu: The Embroidery

      by Zhang Daoyi

      Symbol of Jiangsu is devoted to twelve most representative and iconic symbols of Jiangsu culture. The texts are accompanied by pictures, bringing out an analysis of the past and present of Jiangsu culture. This series will present to readers all over the

    • April 2016

      Ecnomic Globalization and the Development of Chinese Industry

      by Liu Zhibiao

      The book centers on upgrading and transformation of Chinese industries, profoundly discusses the theoretical essence of “The 2nd wave of economic globalization” and opportunities it brings to Chinese industrial upgrading. China should promote the transfor

    • February 2005

      A Theory of Moral Capital: the Core Theme of Ethical Economics

      by Wang Xiaoxi

      This book is an original work of the author’s 20-year academic quintessence with unique perspectives and logical arguments. There are both philosophical analyses and exploration of practical applications in this book. Guided by Marxist historical material

    • October 2017

      New Development of Marxist Jurisprudence in Contemporary China

      by Jiang Chuanguang

      Through an examination of the process of Sinicization of Maxism, Sinicization of Marxist legal theories with its theoretical gains is expounded and the connotation of Marxist jurisprudence’s new development in contemporary China is put forward, which prov

    • May 2012

      A Study on College Admission System in China (1949-2009)

      by Deng Beiping

      A comprehensive, systematic and in-depth study and analysis of the emergence, development and changes of the college admission system in China. Abundant and detailed information and data. An effective theoretical basis for further reform and optimization

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