• Teaching, Language & Reference
      August 2007

      The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rifles & Machine Guns

      An illustrated historical reference to over 500 military, law enforcement and antique firearms from around the world

      by William Fowler Patrick Sweeney

      This essential encyclopedia of rifles and machine guns is an authoritative reference work and visual directory, explaining the development of arms through the centuries, modern capabilities and individual specifications. It includes the history and develo

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      August 2011


      A comprehensive chronology of firearms with full technical specifications, shown in 1100 expert photographs and diagrams

      by Anthony North, Charles Stronge, Patrick Sweeney William Fowler

      This set of comprehensive encyclopedias covers the complete history of firearms. From the handguns, matchlocks, wheelocks and black powder flintlocks used in the Revolutionary, Napoleonic and American Civil Wars, the book looks at the progress of firearm

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