• Christian liturgy, prayerbooks & hymnals

      Prayers and Ideas for Healing Services

      by Ian. Cowie

    • Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works

      Strange Fire

      by Ian M. Fraser

    • Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works

      The One Loaf

      An Everyday Celebration

      by Joy. Mead

      A book which explores the making and the mystery of bread: growing, making, baking, sharing in story and recipe, poetry and prayer. In bread we see the true connectedness of all life - the uniting of body and soul, spirit and material. It is not just a sy

    • Christian liturgy, prayerbooks & hymnals

      This Is the Day

      Readings & Meditations from the Iona Community

      by Neil. Paynter

      Daily readings for four months from a wide range of contributors within the Iona Community. These prayers, liturgies, songs, poems and articles can be used for group or individual reflection and are intended to inspire positive action and change in our li

    • Musical scores, lyrics & libretti

      Chasing the Wild Goose

      The Story of the Iona Community

      by Ron Ferguson

      The history of the Iona Community, including St Colomba's founding of an influential Celtic Christian community on the Hebridean island of Iona in the sixth century, the work of George MacLeod whose inspiration placed Iona firmoly on the Christian map onc

    • Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works

      Jesus and Peter

      Off-the-record Conversations

      by John L. Bell

      New, revised and expanded edition of this much-loved unrecorded dialogue between Jesus and his eager disciple, Peter. Ideal as discussion starters or scriptural reflections in small groups and church services or for personal study. These scripts use up-to

    • Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works

      Maker's Blessing

      Prayers and Meditations from the Iona Community.

      by Iona Community.

    • Christian spirituality & religious experience

      Ten Things They Never Told Me About Jesus

      -a Beginner's Guide to a Larger Christ

      by John L. Bell

    • Peace studies & conflict resolution

      Protest for Peace

      by Bernadette. Meaden

      Documenting the work of Christian peace activists whose radicalism often places them on the fringes of the Church, this book dispels the popular perception of Christians as conventional, respectable and passive. It explains the issues and recounts the per

    • Religious buildings

      The Cloisters of Iona Abbey

      by Ewan. Mathers

      A collection of photographs depicting the carvings of the restored cloisters, with text reflecting on the meaning of each design and information about the flora and fauna of the Isle of Iona and beyond which most of the carvings represent. This use of sym

    • Christian instruction

      Hay & Stardust

      Resources for Christmas to Candlemas

      by Ruth. Burgess

    • Pollution & threats to the environment

      The Earth Under Threat

      A Christian Perspective

      by Ghillean T. Prance

    • Christian leaders & leadership

      In Good Company

      Women in the Ministry

      by Lesley Orr. Macdonald

      A collection of personal stories by women from many denominations about the struggle for equality by women in the ministry nad those still excluded from it. They tell of steotyping, assumptions, tokenism, discrimination, abuse, isolation, and the 'stained

    • Christian liturgy, prayerbooks & hymnals

      Iona Abbey Worship Book

      by Iona Community.

      The services and resources in this book reflect the Iona Community's commitment to the belief that worship is all that we are and all that we do, both inside and outside the church, with no division into the "sacred" and the "secular". The material draws

    • Christian prayerbooks

      Each Day & Each Night

      Celtic Prayers from Iona

      by J. Philip. Newell

      The Celtic spiritual tradition is marked by the belief that what is deepest in us, beyond the distortions of ignorance or wrongdoing, is the image of God. Its second major characteristic is a trust in the essential goodness of creation, which it regards a

    • Christian liturgy, prayerbooks & hymnals

      Eggs and Ashes

      Practical & Liturgical Resources for Lent and Holy Week

      by Ruth. Burgess

    • Radio

      All That Matters

      Scripts from Bbc Radio 4's 'Thought for the Day' and Other Musings

      by John L. Bell

    • Good News of Great Joy

      Daily Readings for Advent from Around the World

      by Neil. Paynter

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