• Musical scores, lyrics & libretti

      Come All You People

      Shorter Songs for Worship from the Iona Community

      by John L. Bell

    • Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works

      He Was in the World

      Meditations for Public Worship

      by John L. Bell

      This is a collection of 25 meditations for use in public worship. Covering a range of personal, pastoral and biblical themes, these meditations can be used as part of congregational worship, with smaller assemblies (such as a prayer group) or in a house g

    • Christian theology


      Pilgrim and Penitent, 597-1997

      by Ian C. Bradley

    • Musical scores, lyrics & libretti

      When Grief Is Raw


      by John. Bell

    • Christian theology

      The Owl and the Stereo

      An Introduction to Radical Christianity.

      by David. Osborne

    • Christian liturgy, prayerbooks & hymnals

      Prayers and Ideas for Healing Services

      by Ian. Cowie

    • Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works

      Strange Fire

      by Ian M. Fraser

    • Poetry anthologies (various poets)

      Pushing the Boat Out

      New Poetry

      by Kathy. Galloway

    • Christian liturgy, prayerbooks & hymnals

      The Pattern of Our Days

      Liturgies and Resources for Worship

      by Iona Community.

      This anthology reflects the life and witness of the Iona Community and is intended to encourage creativity in worship. Liturgies include: pilgrimage and journeys, healing, acts of witness and dissent, a sanctuary and a light, resources: beginnings and end

    • Nature & existence of God
      April 2012

      God in the Dark

      Rebuilding faith when bad stuff happens

      by Peter Longson

      What becomes of faith in God when bad stuff happens? How do we react when we realise that, for all its glories, this world can be a dark, dangerous and disappointing place?We may decide that God is no longer to be trusted

    • Welfare & benefit systems

      Starting Where We Are

      The Story of a Neighbourhood Centre : Liberation Theology in Practice

      by Kathy. Galloway

      This is the story of the Orbison Neighbourhood Centre which is one of innovation and success as a community project. The approach taken was based on the principles of Liberation Theology - a methodology of change and empowerment which originate in Latin A

    • Sacred & religious music

      States of Bliss & Yearning

      The Marks and Means of Authentic Christian Spirituality

      by John L. Bell

    • Travel & holiday

      St. Cuthbert's Way

      A Pilgrims' Companion

      by Mary Low

      St Cuthbert's Way runs from Melrose in the Scottish borders to Lindisfarne, Holy Island, off the coast of Northumberland. This new Pilgrims' Companion presents information essential for walking the Way, a field guide to places of interest along the route,

    • Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works

      The One Loaf

      An Everyday Celebration

      by Joy. Mead

      A book which explores the making and the mystery of bread: growing, making, baking, sharing in story and recipe, poetry and prayer. In bread we see the true connectedness of all life - the uniting of body and soul, spirit and material. It is not just a sy

    • Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works

      A Need for Living

      Signposts On the Journey of Life and Beyond

      by Tom Gordon

      In his work as a hospice chaplain, Tom Gordon has often found that traditional beliefs are not enough and has come to use word pictures, which help people articulate their feelings about the meaning of life. Containing a series of these images, woven toge

    • Christian liturgy, prayerbooks & hymnals

      This Is the Day

      Readings & Meditations from the Iona Community

      by Neil. Paynter

      Daily readings for four months from a wide range of contributors within the Iona Community. These prayers, liturgies, songs, poems and articles can be used for group or individual reflection and are intended to inspire positive action and change in our li

    • Religion: general

      A Telling Place

      Reflections On Stories of Women in the Bible

      by Joy. Mead

    • Christian prayerbooks

      Blessed Be Our Table

      Graces for Mealtimes & Reflections On Food

      by Neil. Paynter

      This book of graces and reflections integrates thankfulness with a burning passion for justice, both of which are central to our relationship with a bountiful provider God, with the whole creation, with each other and with our brothers and sisters through

    • Christianity

      Hard Words for Interesting Times

      Biblical Texts in Contemporary Contexts

      by John L. Bell

      This is the second collection of sermons and addresses where John L. Bell proves that he is not one to shy away from the challenges provided by biblical stories. And likewise he proves startingly adept at articulating the often uncomfortable questions the

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