• Police & security services

      Police Leadership in the 21st Century

      Philosophy, Doctrine and Developments

      by Robert Adlam (Author), Peter Villiers (Author)

      This title looks at the extensive research on the topic of leadership and concludes by suggesting certain simple but fundamental rules - or "Golden Rules" - for police leaders.

    • Prisons

      Drug Treatment in Prison

      An Evaluation of the RAPt Treatment Programme

      by Carol Martin (Author), Elaine Player (Author)

      This text provides the findings of a two-year study into the effectiveness of the RAPt treatment programme which enables male prisoners with self-confessed misuse to lead a drug- and alcohol-free life in prison and in the community after release.

    • Crime & criminology

      Children Who Kill

      An Examination of the Treatment of Juveniles Who Kill in Different European Countries

      by Paul Cavadino (Author)

      From the tragic Mary Bell and Jamie Bulger murder cases to events world-wide, this book provides an analysis of what is a global, not just a 1st phenomenon. It includes a chapter which reviews the position in Canada.

    • Prisons

      Introduction to Prisons and Imprisonment

      by Nick Flynn (Author)

      Published in association with the Prison Reform Trust, and one of a series on criminal justice and the penal system, this book covers the History of imprisonment in England and Wales, prison conditions, the prison population, and regimes from reception to

    • Juvenile offenders

      Growing Out of Crime

      The New Era

      by Andrew Rutherford (Author)

      Explores juvenile offenders within the criminal justice climate and amongst changes in the way young people are dealt with by courts, police and youth offending teams. This book includes arguments about managing offending behaviour.

    • Prisons

      Murderers and Life Imprisonment

      Containment, Treatment, Safety and Risk

      by Eric Cullen (Author), Tim Newell (Author)

      Provides an examination of 'Who Are the Lifers?' (including a 1st/USA comparison). This book covers topics such as: 'The Structure of a Life Sentence', 'The Psychology of the Murderer', 'Containment and Treatment', 'Discretionary Lifer Panels' and a range

    • Prisons

      Invisible Women

      What's Wrong With Women's Prisons?

      by Angela Devlin (Author)

      Recreates the realities of prison life for a woman at the end of the twentieth century, as conditions worsen with overcrowding, staff shortages and expenditure cuts. This book describes the over-use of medication as a means of control; the plight of ethni

    • Creative therapy (eg art, music, drama)

      Inside Art

      Crime, Punishment and Creative Energies

      by Mary Brown (Author)

      Based on conversations with artists - including people in prison or who were once imprisoned, this book charts the importance of creative activity as an instrument of personal change.

    • Criminal justice law

      Child Law

      A Guide for Courts and Practitioners

      by Richard Powell (Author)

      An outline of the Law concerning the safety, welfare, health and protection of children, in one convenient volume. It provides key aspects of 1st measures and international obligations to safeguard children as they grow up and mature into adults (includin

    • Prisons

      Prisons and the Voluntary Sector

      A Bridge into the Community

      by Shane Bryans (Editor), Roma Walker (Editor)

      From 2002 there has been a major initiative to engage the voluntary sector and wider community in the work of prisons. This work edited by three experts and containing contributions by a range of informed commentators seeks to enable both parties to under

    • Prisons

      Grendon Tales

      Stories from a Therapeutic Community

      by Ursula Smartt (Author)

      Grendon Prison with its 'Therapuetic Communities' of high security 'residents' has remained noted among Britain's prisons. The author was given access to interview residents and prison staff. At times she found the experience overwhelming, but it is her s

    • Courts & procedure

      Introduction to the Magistrates Court

      With a Glossary of Words, Phrases, Acronyms and Abbreviations

      by Bryan Gibson (Author)

      Contains a basic explanation of the work of the magistrates' court and an outline of jurisdiction, procedures, sentencing and other powers - plus proposals for reform. This book also contains a glossary, phrases and abbreviations. It is useful to people u

    • Prisons

      Cell Mates/Soul Mates

      Stories of Prison Relationships

      by Angela Devlin (Author)

      This title is based on extensive research by the author into a largely neglected aspect of imprisonment: the development of intimate relationships by "inside" and "outside" partners despite the physical and formal barriers.

    • Crime & criminology

      Criminal Classes

      Offenders at School

      by Angela Devlin (Author)

      This work examines the links between educational failure and future offending behaviour. It contains the stories of inmates' schooldays told in their own words as they try to answer the question "could anything have been done to prevent you being in custo

    • Legal history

      Famous Cases

      Nine Trials That Changed the Law

      by Brian Block (Author), John Hostettler (Author)

      The authors of this work have assembled the background to a selection of leading cases in English Law. From the Mareva case (synonymous with a type of injunction) to Lord Denning's classic ruling in the High Trees House case (the turning point for equitab

    • Courts & procedure

      Introduction to the Family Proceedings Court

      by Elaine Laken (Author), Bazell Chris (Author)

      An outline of the Law and practice of the family proceedings court in England and Wales, this introductory handbook contains: Part I: An introduction to the jurisdiction, powers and procedures of the family proceedings court; and Part II: A selection of

    • Penology & punishment

      Hanging in the Balance

      A History of the Abolition of Capital Punishment in Britain

      by Brian P. Block (Author), John Hostettler (Author)

      "Hanging in the Balance" traces the History of capital punishment in the United Kingdom from ancient times to the modern day - through periods of reform until hanging for murder was finally abolished by Parliament in 1969. It describes in detail the Parli

    • Rehabilitation of offenders

      I'm Still Standing

      by Bob Turney (Author)

      Bob Turney gave up crime to study for a degree at Reading University and was rehabilitating himself by way of voluntary work. Three years on, Bob is a probation officer working in a Youth Justice Team. This book charts his progress from down-and-out 'ex-c

    • Offenders

      Geese Theatre Handbook

      Drama with Offenders and People at Risk

      by Clarke Baim (Author), Sally Brookes (Author)

      Geese Theatre 1st was formed in 1987 and is renowned across the criminal justice field. This book explains the thinking behind the company's approach to applied drama with offenders and people at risk of offending, including young people. It also contains

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