• Travel writing

      Vitali's Ireland

      Time Travels in the Celtic Tiger

      by Vitali Vitaliev

      Vitali’s Ireland offers a unique perspective on 21st century Irish cultural identity, delivered in a style rich with his typical sardonic wit. Ukrainian-born Vitali Vitaliev, an award-winning travel writer and journalist, uses his o

    • Travel writing

      Passport to Enclavia

      Travels in Search of a European Identity

      by Vitali Vitaliev

      What does it mean to be European? The answer lies in Europe's forgotten enclaves - tiny fragments of one country cut off and completely surrounded by another, stuck between two different cultures, currencies and sometimes even languages. Vitali explore

    • Fantasy & magical realism (Children's/YA)

      Granny Yaga

      by Vitali Vitaliev

      On a drab winter evening, an apparition of a flying old woman is spotted in Bloomsbury, an area of London well-known for its magical, masonic and shamanism associations. This is followed by the arrival of Yadwiga, alias Baba Yaga, one o

    • Literature & Literary Studies

      Life as a Literary Device

      Writer’s Manual of Survival

      by Vitali Vitaliev

      “We're both interested in the history of the 20th century, but he's lived it, and I've been a spectator.” Clive James -- 31 January 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of Vitali Vitaliev’s defection from the Soviet U

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