• History of the Americas
      October 2015

      America: From White Settlement to World Hegemony

      by Victor Kiernan

      While there have been many analyses of American imperialism, both before and since, few have equalled the breadth or insight of this seminal text, one of the first to provide a historical perspective on the origins of the American empire. Victor Kierna

    • General & world history
      February 2015

      The Lords of Human Kind

      European Attitudes to Other Cultures in the Imperial Age

      by Victor Kiernan

      When European explorers went out into the world to open up trade routes and establish colonies, they brought back much more than silks and spices, cotton and tea. Inevitably, they came into contact with the peoples of other parts of the world and forme

    • Shakespeare studies & criticism
      February 2016

      Shakespeare: Poet and Citizen

      by Victor Kiernan

      Although Shakespeare is rightly celebrated for the continued relevancy of his plays and poetry today, we too often lose sight of the wider historical context which shaped his work. In Shakespeare: Poet and Citizen, Victor Kiernan shows that Shakespeare

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      July 2016

      Duel in European History

      Honour and the Reign of Aristocracy

      by Victor Kiernan

      A fascinating history of the cultural and political impact of duelling. For centuries, duelling played an integral role in the preservation of the aristocratic order in Europe, defying attempts by both church and state to ban the practice. More

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