• Sculpture
      October 2019

      Helmuth Gsöllpointner

      universeller Gestalter

      by Redl, Thomas

      Helmuth Gsöllpointner is a renowned Austrian artist, who worked in the field of classical jewelry development as well as sculptural art and art at public places. He developed sculptures over 50 years ans worked as a professor of artistic and industrial de

    • Biography: general
      July 2019

      Vorbilder mit und ohne Heiligenschein

      Kalenderbuch und Nachschlagewerk

      by Putz, Gertraud

      This exceptional calendar and reference work for every day shows 424 fascinating people known for their courage, sense for community, and being an example for multiple others.

    • Biography: general
      October 2019


      9 Porträts

      by Kaltenstein, Micky

      Munich, Vienna, New York, Salzburg - that´s where our protagonists live. Nine humans talk about their live and work - silence is what unites them. They find energy in moments of solitude or tranquility. Meet a violin maker,Marc Chagalls granddaughter and

    • Second World War
      August 2019

      Der Birnbaum im Pfarrgarten

      Eine evangelische Gemeinde im Nationalsozialismus

      by Lindenmeyer, Christoph

      Christoph Lindenmeyer researched the history of the Christuskirche, a protestant church in Munich, Germany. Numerous documents tell about their life during the second world war and picture courage, desperation, assimilation as well as resistance. A book a

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      October 2019

      Wie eine zufällige Begegnung


      by Marchner, Günther

      It´s autumn. Searching for summer, sun and holidays two women spend a weekend in southern Europe, where mountains meet thelowlands. At their hotel they discover a briefcase containing a manuscript. The written words remind one of the women of a long lost

    • National & regional cuisine
      October 2019

      Das österreichische Fisch-Kochbuch

      by Sluga, Taliman

      73 Austrian fish-recipes and information about Austrian fish found in rivers, lakes and ponds.

    • National & regional cuisine
      September 2019

      Christmas in Europe

      Recipes · Customs · Specialities

      by Taliman, Sluga

      The book "Christmas in Europe. Recipes · Customs · Specialities" includes more than 100 traditional recipies as well as customs from 35 European countries. All dishes were cooked by Taliman Sluga with the help of 12-year-old schoolkids from Wagrain and Kl

    • Folklore, myths & legends
      September 2019

      Sagenreiches Kremsmünster

      Ein alter Kulturort erzählt

      by Fetz-Lugmayr, Dagmar

      Kremsmünster, a picturesque Austrian town, is known for it´s rich history, myths and legends. This book takes a closer look at all the forgotten treasures and reestablishes the magic of the last centuries.

    • Motor sports
      July 2019

      Legend Salzburgring

      Tradition meets Innovation

      by Mrazek, Florian T.

      50 years of Salzburgring: Built in 1969 at athe same time as the old Österreichring, the high-speed circuit at Salzburg´s gates was often the scene of legendary slipstream duels and highly dramatic battles in the rain. 50 years of Salzburgring also means

    • Motor sports
      July 2019

      Legende Salzburgring

      Tradition mit Innovation

      by Mrazek, Florian T.

      50 years of Salzburgring: Built in 1969 at athe same time as the old Österreichring, the high-speed circuit at Salzburg´s gates was often the scene of legendary slipstream duels and highly dramatic battles in the rain. 50 years of Salzburgring also means

    • European history
      September 2019

      Bacchus in Salzburg

      1000 Jahre Weinkultur

      by Ammerer, Gerhard; Waitzbauer, Harald

      Discover the all about wine in Salzburg, from medieval times to the present.

    • Walking, hiking, trekking
      August 2019

      Schöne Grüße vom Gaisberg

      (Ski)wandern, radeln und genießen am Salzburger Hausberg

      by Heugl, Christian

      40 cultural and enjoyable tours round about and up to mount Gaisberg in Salzburg Austria. Discover breathtaking views over the city of Salzburg, down to Bavaria and as far as to Austrias highest Montain, the Grossglockner.

    • Limnology (freshwater)
      September 2019

      Gebirgswasser, Schnee und Eis

      by Walter, Mooslechner

      Cristal-clear water, directly from the mountains - Austria is known for its high quality drinking water. The author and former ranger Walter Mooslechner shows the importance of water in all its forms, from ice to waterfalls as well as its importance for t

    • Solar system: the Sun & planets
      August 2019

      Unser Platz im Kosmos

      by Arnold, Hanslmeier

      Where does the earth come from? Where do we come from? Arnold Hanslmeier explains science in an easy way and tries to find answers to the most fundamental questions about the earth and the cosmos.

    • Textile artworks
      February 2019

      Persische Textilien. Die Sammlung Ramezani

      Persian Textiles. The Ramezani Family Collection

      by Nabholz-Kartaschoff, Marie-Louise

      Persian textiles from the late 19th to the early 20th century display a multitude of techniques as well as many different kinds of illustrations. Besides, they are used in a number of different ways. As the subtitle indicates, they range from precious bro

    • History of architecture
      June 2019

      Bunt, sozial, brutal. Architektur der 1970er Jahre in Österreich

      Fotografiert von Stefan Oláh

      by Verlag Anton Pustet

      Renowned Austrian architectural photographer Stefan Ohlá presents Austrian architecture of the 1970s: colourful, social and brutal.

    • Archaeology
      May 2019

      Felsbilder der Alpen

      Motive im internationalen Vergleich

      by Kauer, Wolfgang

      The book provides a comparison and an explanation of the petrography of the entire Alpine arc. Numerous of the simpler motives have already been used by the cave dwellers in the ice age. In the Maritime Alps there have been found motives from the dried ou

    • Mind, Body, Spirit
      February 2019

      Mein Geburtstag


      by Stögmüller, Nina

      Everything you need to know about birthdays, from the history of celebrating special days to fairy tales for grown ups. The book contains illustrations to colour yourself and diary pages.

    • Restaurant, cafe & pub guides
      May 2019

      Weingeschichten aus Friaul

      by Gans, Johannes; Wrazdil, Eva

      This book invites you to take a journey to famous Italian wineries in Udine, Cividale and Triest. Get to know the suol of this extraordinary landscape.

    • Biography: general
      June 2019

      Mein Salzkammergut

      Landschaft . Menschen . Leben

      by Thurner, Patricia; Ammerer, Gerhard

      A declaration of love: Long ago, editor and photographer Patricia Thurner fell under the spell of the inner Salzkammergut [lakeland] and the Aussee region. She recharges her batteries there several times a year, letting the landscape permeate her whole be

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