• Sagas


      by Veijo O. Baltzar

      The book begins with the author’s introduction and his vision about the origin of the Gypsies. Born from a mare, a dark and temperamental young man encounters prejudices and persecution everywhere due to his different looks and character. People

    • Historical romance

      In Love and War

      by Veijo O. Baltzar

      Life is busy in a big European city in the late 1930s, where Dromal, the head of his tribe, runs a wide range of business activities that aren’t always above board. It is not only his tribe who benefits from his operations, but also many leading

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

      The Burning Road

      by Veijo O. Baltzar

      When Baltzar’s debut novel, “The Burning Road” (Polttava tie 1968, Swedish translation Brännande väg 1969) was first published, it turned out to be a sensation. The fact that a young Gypsy aged 26 could take his place among

    • Myth & legend told as fiction

      The Snake Trial Stone

      by Veijo O. Baltzar

      A mysterious stone has appeared on the floor of a cottage. A moist, green stone. No one knows where it has come from. No one knows who has brought it. Is it a sign? The family has no clue that the stone will change all of their lives. No one will be th

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

      The Black Tango

      by Veijo O. Baltzar

      Elias is a young man ridiculed by destiny, who belongs nowhere and to no one. He lives on the lowest rungs of society; in the shady and seedy parts of Helsinki. He has spent his childhood in foster homes throughout the countryside until finally arrivin

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