• The Arts
      October 2008

      Design by Use

      The Everyday Metamorphosis of Things

      by Uta Brandes, Sonja Stich, Miriam Wender

      Jointly published with the Board of International Research in Design

    • The Arts
      November 2011

      My Desk is my Castle

      Exploring Personalization Cultures

      by Uta Brandes, Michael Erlhoff

      Der Schreibtisch ist ein Ort der Arb

    • The Arts
      October 2017

      Gender Design

      Streifzüge zwischen Theorie und Empirie

      by Uta Brandes

      BIRD, the "Board of International Research in Design", is a forum for publications on insightful design research. BIRD is convinced that highly qualified design research is relevant: both in regards to design in its entire complexity

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