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      Les Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa, la maison d’édition d’une des plus grandes universités de recherche au Canada et l’une des plus grandes universités bilingues au monde, proposent un programme d’édition en sciences humaines primé, évalué par les pairs, adapté à une économie du savoir et à la réalité de la mondialisation. Les PUO visent l’excellence en recherche et en édition, y compris en accès libre viable. Son catalogue annuel de 25-30 titres, de 4 revues savantes et de 2 marques (Mercure; Harvest House) avance le savoir et est axé sur les grands débats. The University of Ottawa Press, the publishing arm of one of Canada's top research universities and one of the world's top bilingual universities, offers an award-winning, peer-reviewed HSS publishing program for a knowledge-based, globalized world. UOP is committed to excellence in scholarship and publishing practices, including sustainable OA. Its annual catalogue of 25-30 titles, 4 journals and 2 imprints (Mercury Series; Harvest House) advance knowledge and engage with today’s issues.

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    • Autobiography: science, technology & engineering
      October 2019

      A Woman in Engineering

      Memoirs of a Trailblazer. An Autobiography by Monique (Aubry) Frize

      by Monique Frize

      In her touching and inspiring memoirs, leading engineer Monique (Aubry) Frize, O.C., recounts her life as a woman who blazed her own decidedly female trail in biomedical engineering, in what was then an unapologetically male-dominated world.

    • October 2019

      Mes conversations avec Claude

      by Robert Major

      Ce petit livre fait état d’une rencontre. Entre deux individus. Entre deux mondes. Qui, contre toute attente, se reconnaissent, conformément au sens étymologique de conversatio, qui signifie précisément rencontre.

    • Bibliographies, catalogues, discographies
      October 2019

      Canada's Best

      An Anthology

      by Andrew David Irvine; Edmond Rivère; Stephanie Tolman

      Since their founding in 1936, Canada’s GG Literary Awards have served as the country’s premier literary prize. Together with Canada’s Storytellers and The Governor General’s Literary Awards of Canada: A Bibliography, this volume completes a set that offe

    • Feminism & feminist theory
      October 2019

      Scripting Feminist Ethics in Teacher Education

      by Michelle Forrest Linda Wheeldon

      This book models teaching ethics and ethical thinking through a feminist lens. Personal narratives and case studies showcase the enduring value of radical feminist consciousness-raising to the moral project that is teacher education and teaching for the

    • Literary essays
      October 2019

      Leo Tolstoy and the Canadian Doukhobors

      A Study in Historic Relationships. Expanded and Revised Edition.

      by Andrew Donskov

      As an idealist, Leo Tolstoy was constantly searching for practical applications to his philosophical ideas. He found a prime example in the religious group of the Doukhobors, whom he personally helped emigrate from Russia to Canada in 1899, and to whom he

    • Dance
      September 2019

      Danse, enfermement et corps résilients

      by Sylvie Frigon

      C’est par une pratique artistique millénaire, la danse, que cet ouvrage explore des questions sociétales comme la victimisation, la délinquance, la santé mentale et physique, ou encore l’enfermement. Ces questions mettent en relief la résilience et la jus

    • August 2019

      Enjeux et défis du développement international

      Acteurs et champs d'action. Édition nouvelle et actualisée

      by Pierre Beaudet; Dominique Caouette; Paul Haslam; Abdelhamid Benhmade

      Depuis plusieurs années, le monde s’est mis à penser que la condition humaine pouvait s’améliorer grâce au développement international. De nouvelles propositions, hypothèses et pratiques expriment l’inépuisable optimisme humain, en quête continuelle de j

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      September 2019

      La maison aux lilas

      by Maurice Henrie

      Dans ce recueil de nouvelles, Maurice Henrie combine humour, réflexion et expérience de vie pour faire découvrir son monde, insolite et fascinant.

    • Archaeology by period / region
      October 2019

      Place-Making in the Pretty Harbour

      The Archaeology of Port Joli, Nova Scotia

      by Matthew Betts

      This book presents the work of the E’se’get Archaeology Project, a community-based research endeavor focused on defining the archaeological record of Port Joli Harbour, Nova Scotia.

    • Globalization
      August 2019

      Innovating South-South Cooperation

      Policies, Challenges, and Prospects

      by Hany Gamil Besada ; M. Evren Tok; Leah McMillan Polonenko

      In the ever-changing arena of global development governance, South-South Cooperation (SSC) entails diverse forms of cooperation among developing countries. Novel approaches for furthering SSC on a global scale.

    • Jewish studies
      June 2019

      A Reluctant Welcome for Jewish People

      Voices in Le Devoir's Editorials, 1910-1947

      by Pierre Anctil

      What place did Jews occupy in the editorials of Quebec’s daily Le Devoir in the first half of the 20th century? Historian Pierre Anctil takes a deep dive in the highly respected newspaper’s editorials published between 1910 and 1947.

    • Literary studies: from c 1900 -
      June 2019

      Regards sur les archives d'écrivains francophones au Canada

      by Sophie Marcotte

      Les archives d'écrivains – carnets, journal personnel et correspondance – permettent de dégager un tout autre sens dans l'anlyse de leur oeuvre. Les fonds de Roy, Guèvremont, Hébert, Ducharme, Aquin, Tremblay, Poliquin, Léveillé et Leblanc sont ici expl

    • Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers
      June 2019

      Divided Highways

      Road Narrative and Nationhood in Canada

      by Heather Macfarlane

      The road trip genre, well established in the literatures of Canada, is a natural outcome of the nation’s obsession with geography. Divided Highways examines road trip works by Anglophone, Québécois and Indigenous authors and these communities’ sense of p

    • Development studies
      October 2019

      Contextualizing Openness

      by Leslie Chan, Angela Okune, Becky Hillyer, Denisse Albornoz, Alejandro Posada

      A fascinating look at Open Science and the democratization of knowledge in international development and social transformation.

    • Social & cultural history
      June 2019

      Au temps de la « révolution acadienne »

      Les marxistes-léninistes en Acadie

      by Philippe Volpé and Julien Massicotte

      Partant d’une sociologie historique des mouvements marxistes-léninistes au sein des provinces maritimes pendant les années 1960-1980, cet ouvrage offre une interprétation et une contextualisation inédites des mouvements de gauche en Acadie.

    • Feminism & feminist theory
      May 2019

      Genre, féminismes et développement

      Une trilogie en construction

      by Charmain Levy and Andrea Martinez

      Cet ouvrage pédagogique multidisciplinaire conçu pour les cours de premier cycle présente les principaux enjeux théoriques et pratiques de l’heure en matière de genre, féminismes et développement.

    • Diaries, letters & journals
      April 2019

      Leo Tolstoy in Conversation with Four Peasant Sectarian Writers

      The Complete Correspondence

      by Andrew Donskov

      Andrew Donskov takes a critical look not only at Tolstoy’s attitude towards the peasant class he so often championed for their simple ways and freedom from upper-class sophistication and pretentiousness, but more importantly, gives voice to representative

    • Literary studies: fiction, novelists & prose writers
      April 2019

      Man Should Rejoice, by Hugh MacLennan

      A Critical Edition

      by Colin Hill

      This work is a scholarly, critical edition of Man Should Rejoice, a previously unpublished novel by major 20th-century Canadian author Hugh MacLennan.

    • Computer fraud & hacking
      April 2019

      Ethical Hacking

      by Alana Maurushat

      How will governments and courts manoeuvre within the boundaries of protected civil liberties in this new era of hacktivism? This monograph discusses moral and legal issues of ethical hacking and reviews analytics and trends.

    • Education
      March 2019

      Moving Images of Eternity

      George Grant’s Critique of Time, Teaching, and Technology

      by William F. Pinar

      A comprehensive and original study that demonstrates the significance and pertinence of the scholarship of George Grant for teaching today.

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