• April 2012

      10 Things You Can Do to Feel Happier Straight Away

      by Dr Chris Williams (By (author))

      These amazing little books are potential life-savers. Using simple text and bold design, each book meets the reader at a point of low mood or unhelpful thinking, and guides them through rational thought processes to a more positive mood and a healthier ou

    • Anglican & Episcopalian Churches, Church of England
      January 2014

      Anglican Identities (new edition)

      by Rowan Williams (By (author))

      Is there an ‘Anglican identity’? Or is living with the tension between different temperaments and histories itself at the heart of the genius of Anglicanism? Anglican Identities draws together studies and profiles by Rowan Williams that sympathetically ex

    • January 2014

      Open to Judgement (new edition)

      Sermons and Addresses

      by Rowan Williams (By (author))

      A collection of talks and sermons from Rowan Williams, one of the finest theological minds of our day, covering a range of issues from war, social justice and sexuality to prayer, spirituality and evangelism. Williams shows the connections between contemp

    • Christian theology
      January 2002


      Interpreting the Easter Gospel

      by Rowan Williams (By (author))

      Shows in a thought provoking and profound manner, how the experience of the resurrection was from the first one of forgiveness and of healing memories of injury, guilt and failure.

    • Biblical studies & exegesis
      July 1990

      The Wound of Knowledge

      by Rowan Williams (By (author))

      A penetrating, psychological and intellectual analysis of Christian spirituality from the New Testament to St John of the Cross.

    • Church history
      January 2014

      Why Study the Past? (new edition)

      The Quest for the Historical Church

      by Rowan Williams (By (author))

      The old saying about being condemned to repeat the history we don’t know applies to Church history as much as to anything else. But we are often at a loss to know how to approach it. Much of what passed once for Church history was propagandist; and much o

    • Business, Economics & Law
      October 2017

      Filling Execution Gaps

      How Executives and Project Managers Turn Corporate Strategy into Successful Projects

      by Todd C. Williams

      "I expected good, but this is great." -Janet Pirus Phelps, Principle, Strategic CFO, Former CFO Papa Murphy's Pizza Gaps . . . holes in your organization where tasks fall and failure breeds. They inhibit your ability to implement strategic p

    • June 2003

      Rowan Williams

      An Introduction

      by Rupert Shortt (By (author))

      The first occupant of Lambeth Palace in several generations with an international reputation as a theologian, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is nevertheless often considered a difficult writer, more admired than read and understood. Many p

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