• Dog obedience & training
      October 2012

      Clicker Training made easy

      by Viviane Theby

      This concise book is really written to the point and provides an immedi- <div style="left: 466.059px; top: 232.481px; font-size: 16.66

    • Dogs as pets
      October 2018

      Understanding Reinforcers.

      About the use of rewards in dog trai-ning.

      by Theby, Viviane

      Rewarding a dog is so much more than just giving him some treats: Good reinforcers are really powerful instruments for installing behaviours, making training more effective and fun. Based on new scientific learning models, this book explains why reward

    • Dogs as pets
      July 2009

      Dog University

      Clever Tasks for clever Dogs

      by Theby, Viviane

      The author, a well-known vet and animal-trainer, provides new ideas to test and train a dog’s intelligence:The tasks shown here are more than just »tricks«.They are challenges to both the dog’s brain and the trainer’s abil

    • Dogs as pets
      May 2013

      Nose Games for Dogs

      by Theby, Viviane & Hares, Michaela

      Every dog has a fascinating sense of smell. Yours too! Why not use nose work to keep your dog’s mind and spirit occupied with tasks that he really likes? This book explains how dogs smell, how to train them to find specific scents or discriminate scent

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