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      Dennis Brain

      A Life in Music

      by Stephen Gamble

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      April 2007

      Labour, the state, social movements and the challenge of neo-liberal globalisation

      by Andrew Gamble, Steven Fielding, Steve Ludlam, John Callaghan, Andrew Taylor, Steve Ludlam, Stephen Wood, Bethan Hirst

      With the emergence of neo-liberalism in the 1980s as the dominant domestic and international political-economic orthodoxy, labour as both a social category and political movement tended to be written off or ignored by academics, politicians and commentators. However, at a time when the world's working class is growing faster than at any previous time in history and neo-liberalism is widely challenged, this orthodoxy is clearly inadequate. The spread of global production means that to ignore labour, its organisations, interests and politics, is to ignore one of the key components of that process. Labour organisations have not gone away and neither has the state: their relationship remains as significant as ever. The strategic relationship between trade unions and social movements, nationally and internationally, has also developed markedly, especially in the south. New patterns of resistance are emerging to challenge global capital and those who assert that globalisation is irresistible. ;

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