• History

      400 Moments in 40 Years ( 4 Volumes )

      by Xie Hailong Wang Wenhan

      The 40 years' of Chinese Economic Reform and open up has been a world-shaking change, during which We have been through a change with each passing day, from the Cultural Revolution, breaking down on economics, to become the second world economic entity

    • Biography & True Stories

      Honesty by Nature

      The Personal Narration of Xin Fengxia

      by Xin Fengxia

      She is the Queen of Ping Opera. She were spoken highly by President Zhou Enlai: “I’d rather not drink tea than not to watch Xin Fengxia.” She is also a fashion woman, and the most fashion experience she had ever done is to have a cras

    • The Arts

      Life of China 1965

      Selected Photography of Saito Koichi

      by Qin Feng Photo Studio

      This book contains photos shooting by Japanese photographer Saito Koichi in 1969, when he was in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Shaoshan in Hunan province and places in Guangdong. During his staying in China, he took lots of photos about

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      20 Years Selected Edition of the Reminiscent Photos (4 Volumes)

      by Feng Keli

      Reminiscent Photos is a book series which has been published successively. One volume of Reminiscent Photos will be published in every two months. It provides columns including “Reminiscent Sceneries” “ Moments of Celebrities” &

    • The Arts

      Chinese Civil Unique Copy of Succinct New Year’s Pictures

      by Ma Zhiqiang

      The whole book has collected more than 200 Chinese civil unique copy of New Year’s pictures, which falls into six categories in terms of the subject, namely, stories of immortals and saints, Chinese operas and legends, landscapes and flowers and

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      Collection of Architectural Stones of Shandong

      by Fu Xihua Chen Zhinong

      Chen Zhinong devoted himself to collecting and arranging architectural stones and editing Chinese Portrait Works of Han Dynasty in the Beijing institute of sinology research of Paris University. During the period of editing, he draws thousands of paint

    • 2014

      The Illustrated Book of Chinese National Treasures

      by He Yunao

      The Illustrated Book of Chinese National Treasures is a large and high quality reference book of culture relics collecting and appreciation, it is the first to be written in form of actual pictures and image-text interaction. The book is accurate in da

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