• Children's & YA

      China Tales · The Proud Chopsticks

      by Ava Du

      The Proud Chopsticks tells the origin and tale of Chinese chopsticks with the story of Little Panda and his friends. Little Panda is invited to join Little Dragon’s birthday party; they will eat birthday noodles at the party, which is th

    • Teaching, Language & Reference

      天天读中文·文具|Read Chinese Every Day·Stationery

      Read Chinese Every Day

      by Zheng Yanxia Maria Xu

      《尼山书系•天天读中文》系列图书是一套对外汉语教学丛书。本丛书以话题带动学习,用反复句式强化记忆,非常适合非中文背景6—12岁的小学生学习使用。每本书附有教学指导,旨在通过游戏、探究活动等引导学生进行深入学习和应用。本套丛书按照难易程度分为三辑,每一辑10卷,《文具》属第三辑,主要引导学生如何用中文描述文具,并用中文介绍书包里的铅笔、橡皮等文具。|The Nishan Book S

    • The Analects of Confucius Revisited(《论语诠解》英文版)

      by Yang Chaoming|杨朝明

      The Analects of Confucius Revisited is authoritative for study of The Analects. It is fit for English readers who like Chinese culture and immigrants of Chinese origin who live in English speaking countr

    • 论语精华 : 汉、英、俄(The Essentials of The Analects of Confucius)

      by Yang Chaoming|杨朝明

      The Essentials of The Analects of Confucius is a Chinese-English-Russian version of three languages. Accompanied by exquisite illustrations, the book introduces the essence and wisdom of Confucian cultur

    • The Way to Take the Lead(《领先之道》英文版)

      by Chen Chunhua|陈春花

      The Way to Take the Lead, known as China’s own version of Built to Last, deciphers the secrets of success of Chinese industry-leading enterprises, including Baosteel,Haier, Lenovo, TCL and Huawei.

    • The Arts

      Chinese Characters of the Four Seasons—Poem of a Year

      by Zhang Yiqing

      This book describes and expands the knowledge of ancient poetry relative to the traditional Chinese solar terms. Through the interpretation of 24 solar terms in a year, the analysis of Chinese characters, words, and poems is organically unified. T

    • Children's & YA

      China Tales·A Present for the Emperor

      by Yung-Jyy Liu

      A Present for the Emperor beginning with the story of Mei Mei crossing through time and space in her dream to help the boy to present gifts to empire, tells what the dumplings look like and how to make dumplings. Mei Mei came to grandma’s home, a “Siheyua

    • Children's & YA

      China Tales·The Chinese Dragon

      by Judy Petrosian

      The Chinese Dragon beginning with the dragon dance performance in Chinatown, tells the important significance of Chinese dragon to Chinese nation. One day, Peter told his Chinese teacher Long Laoshi that he had saw him in the dragon dance. So Long Laoshi

    • Teaching, Language & Reference

      Nishan Book Series·China Tales·The Legend of Dumplings

      by Judy Petrosian

      The Legend of Dumplings tells the origin and tale of Chinese dumplings with the story of the outstanding medical scientist Zhang Zhongjing of the Eastern Han Dynasty. On the way home, Dr. Zhang Zhongjing saw a girl crying because her ears were

    • Food & Drink

      Tales of the Food and Drink·Ingredients

      by Zhang Yiqing

      The book continues the style of Tales of the Words for Flowers and Grasses to explore the past and present stories of more than 80 Chinese characters. The content begins from daily diet, which is both knowledgeable and interesti

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