• Children's & YA
      August 2012


      by Seema Gupta

      The Ramayana is the tale of Rama, the prince of Ayodhya. The Ramayana is perhaps one of the best known epics in the world which transcends all barriers of time, caste, creed and space. The reason for Ramayana’s great popularity is that it is one story ent

    • Pregnancy, birth & baby care
      August 2012

      Baby Care & Child Health Problems

      by Seema Gupta

      It is a fact that Baby Care begins right from the day or before a woman conceives. We all know that a mother plays the most significant role in a child's life. So, in order to bring a new life on this earth, a woman must be physically and mentally ready t

    • Short stories (Children's/YA)
      September 2012

      Teenage Parenting

      Bridging The Generation Gap

      by Seema Gupta

      Many kids announce the onset of adolescence with a dramatic change in their behaviour around their parents or elders. They begin to separate from their moms and dads and try to become more independent. At the same time, children of this age are increasing

    • Coping with stress
      June 2011

      Stress @ Home

      by Seema Gupta

      Women are naturally and have an inborn capacity to play many dynamic roles in their lives, such as that of a daughter, a wife, a mother and so on. In all these roles, she sacrifices her own aspirations and desires to make others happy. This brings stress

    • June 2016

      Chemical Drug Design

      by Tamara Angelo, Rajasri Bhattacharyya, Ramesh Kataria, Sunil Kumar, Garima Mathur, S.K. Mehta, Francisco J. B. Mendonça, Sumitra Nain, Sarvesh Paliwal, Seema Patel, Madhuri T. Patil, K.K. Rajasekhar, Meenakshi Rajpoot, Subash Chandra Sahoo, Deepak B. Salun

      Chemical Drug Design provides a compact overview on recent advances in this rapidly developing field. With contributions on in silico drug design, natural product based compounds, as well as on ligand- and structure-based approaches, the authors present i

    • The self, ego, identity, personality
      June 2012

      Correct Manners And Etiquette

      by Seema Gupta

      The book deals exhaustively with the varied nuances of etiquette and good manners for all important occasions. A handy guide for people of all age-groups to constantly cultivate the acumen for polished behaviour, in order to outshine in all spheres of lif

    • The self, ego, identity, personality
      December 2014

      A Woman's Guide To Personality Development

      by Seema Gupta

      Every woman is capable of striving for perfection and success, if only she realises her true potential. But most women are simply not aware of their true capabilities and qualities, which can only be realised after proper self-assessment. The book helps y

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