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    • Examination of patients
      September 2010

      Essential Examination

      Step-by-step system-based guide to clinical examination with practical tips and key facts for OSCEs

      by Alasdair K.B. Ruthven

      From reviews: "...[Essential Examination] can be considered as a very helpful “aide-memoire” as practitioners build up their confidence and clinical experience. Although developed with m

    • Rheumatology
      April 2014


      A Clinical Handbook

      by Ahmad Al-Sukaini|Mohsin Azam|Ash Samanta

      Rheumatology: A clinical handbook is an essential resource for medical students who need an introduction, understanding and overview of the subject. Most competing texts either burden medical students with information they do not req

    • Medicine: general issues
      November 2014

      Acute Medicine 2015

      by Declan O'Kane

      Acute Medicine is written for registrars, junior doctors and medical students working on the wards. It is a current and concise guide to hospital emergency medicine which provides: • detailed management of ac

    • Epidemiology & medical statistics
      June 2014

      Medical Statistics Made Easy, third edition

      by Michael Harris|Gordon Taylor

      Medical Statistics Made Easy 3e scores 99/100 and 5 stars on Doody's (Sept 2014)! Here's what the reviewer said: "This is a practical guide to the use of statistics in medical literature and their application i

    • Medical genetics
      June 2015

      New Clinical Genetics 3rd edition

      by Andrew Read, Dian Donnai

      New Clinical Genetics continues to offer the most innovative case-based approach to modern genetics. It is used worldwide as a textbook for medical students, but also as an essential guide to the field for genetic c

    • Psychotherapy
      August 2013

      Using CBT in General Practice, second edition

      The 10 Minute CBT Handbook

      by Lee David

      Using CBT in General Practice, second edition provides GPs with an overview of the basic principles of CBT and shows how these principles can be applied within a typical 10 minute consultation. The book is written in

    • Nursing fundamentals & skills
      September 2013

      A Handbook for Student Nurses, second edition

      Introducing Key Issues Relevant for Practice

      by Wendy Benbow|Gill Jordan

      A Handbook for Student Nurses is a comprehensively updated introduction to the essential background knowledge that pre-registration nursing students need as a foundation for the rest of their training. This book covers the core of f

    • Medical administration & management
      September 2013

      Practice Accounts Made Easy

      by Ann Tudor

    • Medical equipment & techniques
      October 2013

      Equipment in Anaesthesia and Critical Care

      A complete guide for the FRCA

      by Daniel Aston|Angus Rivers|Asela Dharmadasa

      Highly commended in the Anaesthesia category of the 2014 BMA Medical Books awards! From reviews: "Altogether, this textbook offers an excellent detailed overv

    • Medical study & revision guides & reference material
      November 2013

      Applied Knowledge Test for the MRCGP, third edition

      Questions and Answers for the AKT

      by Nuzhet A-Ali

      This new edition now contains nearly 500 questions which comprehensively cover the curriculum and use single best answer, extended matching questions, rank ordering, picture format, and algorithm completion question types. The questions continue to be gro

    • Medical study & revision guides & reference material
      November 2013

      Questions and Answers for the DRCOG, second edition

      by Suneeta Kochhar|Prabha Sinha

      This book helps candidates prepare for the DRCOG exam. The new edition now features four complete papers matching the style of the current exam, with each paper comprising: • 30 extended matching questions • 18 single best answer questions • 40 multiple c

    • Epidemiology & medical statistics
      March 2014

      Clinical Evidence Made Easy

      by Michael Harris|Gordon Taylor|Daniel Jackson

      Clinical Evidence Made Easy scores maximum 100 and 5 stars on Doody's (Sept 2014)! Here's what the reviewer said: "This is one of a number of basic science books on evidence-based medicine and a very good addition to t

    • Medical study & revision guides & reference material
      September 2014

      CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition

      by Thomas Das

    • Physics
      October 2011

      Physics: A Student Companion

      by Lowry Kirkby

      From reviews: "Every undergraduate physicist ought to own a copy of this remarkable, unique and innovative textbook... I truly believe this textbook should be taken advantage of by all undergraduates, and I wish

    • Medical genetics
      June 2009

      Genetics for the Health Sciences

      A Handbook for Clinical Healthcare

      by Heather Skirton|Christine Patch

      Based on their extensive experience of clinical work, the authors emphasize the practical issues related to the healthcare of individuals and families. Genetics for the Health Sciences takes an holistic approach, from preconception to adulthoo

    • Anaesthetics
      February 2012

      Physics in Anaesthesia

      by Ben Middleton|Justin Phillips|Rik Thomas|Simon Stacey

      From reviews: "Its warm and familiar style of writing makes it accessible for all. Throughout each of the 29 chapters, there was a real feel that the authors knew what was needed of you... Many of the questio

    • Clinical & internal medicine
      July 2012

      Clinical Skills for Medical Students: for Step 2 CS, OSCEs, and shelf exams

      by Sheheryar Kabraji|Neel Burton

      From reviews: "...The book covers in detail all of the relevant skills and procedures required of medical students in their first year of clinical training. The detail

    • Medical study & revision guides & reference material
      January 2012

      Professional Development for Appraisal and Revalidation

      The Dr Hairy Workbook

      by Dr David Hindmarsh|Edward Picot

      Winner of the 'Primary Health Care' category in the BMA Medical Book Awards 2012! Here's a snippet of what the judges said: "This book is outstanding, original and will provoke the viewer of the DV

    • Psychology
      March 2012

      Hide and Seek

      The Psychology of Self-Deception

      by Dr Neel Burton

      What we believe to be the motives of our conduct are usually but the pretexts for it. – Miguel de Unamuno. How and why do we deceive ourselves? How does this impact on us and those around us? And what, if anything, can we do about

    • Examination of patients
      February 2012

      Clinical Skills Explained

      by Dr Muhammed Akunjee|Dr Nazmul Akunjee|Dr Zeshaan Maan|Dr Mina Ally

      HIGHLY COMMENDED IN THE BMA MEDICAL BOOK AWARDS 2013! From reviews: "With a philosophy that there is more to learning clinical skills than following checklists, this book offers students a clear, concise manual from

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