• Anthropology
      April 2016

      Planning Families in Nepal

      Global and Local Projects of Reproduction

      by Brunson, Jan

      Medical anthropologist Jan Brunson explores how two generations of married women in Nepal's Kathmandu Valley--and later their adults sons--experience reproductive behavior and family planning. Her ethnography includes families of different castes and clas

    • Educational: Personal, social & health education (PSHE)
      January 2015

      Our Aging Bodies

      by Merrill, Gary F.

      Our Aging Bodies provides a clear, scientifically based explanation of what happens to all the major organ systems and bodily processes as people age. Throughout the book, Gary F. Merrill weaves in personal anecdotes and stories that help clar

    • Family & health
      February 2015

      It's Not Your Fault!

      Strategies for Solving Toilet Training and Bedwetting Problems

      by Barone, Joseph

      It’s Not Your Fault! offers evidence-based solutions for toilet training and to help parents of children suffering from delayed toilet training, bed wetting, and daytime urinary wetting. Using sound advice based on testing and research i

    • Sociology
      September 2015

      Producing Excellence

      The Making of Virtuosos

      by Wagner, Izabela

      An in-depth study of nearly one hundred young children studying violin in Western Europe, Producing Excellence illuminates the process these musicians undergo to become elite international soloists. The remarkable research Izabela Wagner condu

    • Gay & Lesbian studies
      October 2013

      Amigas y Amantes

      Sexually Nonconforming Latinas Negotiate Family

      by Acosta, Katie L

      Amigas y Amantes (Friends and Lovers) explores the experiences of sexually nonconforming Latinas in the creation and maintenance of families. It is ba

    • Sociology
      April 2016

      Child's Play

      Sport in Kids' Worlds

      by Messner, Michael A. and Michael Musto

      In Child’s Play, leading sociologist of sport Michael A. Messner and his co-editor Micheal Musto have gathered state-of-the-art research on sport in children’s worlds, studies that illuminate scholarly questions in the burgeoning sociological and i

    • Sociology
      January 2014

      Faith, Family, and Filipino American Community Life

      by Cherry, Stephen M.

      In his groundbreaking study of a Filipino American immigrant community, Stephen Cherry demonstrates how cultural forces not only shape the parish and community life of Filipino American immigrants but compel them to take action on “family” issues such as

    • Sociology
      May 2016

      Feeding the Future

      School Lunch Programs as Global Social Policy

      by Rutledge, Jennifer Geist

      Today 368 million children receive school lunches in 151 countries, in programs supported by state and national governments. In Feeding the Future, Jennifer Geist Rutledge investigates how and why states have assumed responsibility for feeding

    • Social services & welfare, criminology
      February 2013

      The Globalization of Supermax Prisons

      by Ross, Jeffrey Ian

      “Supermax” prisons are typically reserved for convicted political criminals such as terrorists and spies and for other inmates who are considered to pos

    • Human rights
      September 2015

      Into Africa

      A Transnational History of Catholic Medical Missions and Social Change

      by Wall, Barbra Mann

      In Into Africa, Barbra Mann Wall offers a transnational history that explores the intersection of religion, medicine, gender, race, and politics in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on the years following World War II. The book highlights the

    • Sociology
      December 2013

      Jewish on Their Own Terms

      How Intermarried Couples are Changing American Judaism

      by Thompson, Jennifer A.

      This book provides a complex, insightful portrait of intermarried couples and the new forms of American Judaism that they are constructing. It tells the stories of

    • Sociology
      May 2014

      Kids in the Middle

      How Children of Immigrants Negotiate Community Interactions for Their Families

      by Katz, Vikki S.

      Kids in the Middle explores how children of immigrants use their language capabilities, knowledge of American culture, and facility with media content and devices to help their parents forge connections with local schools, healthcare fac

    • Sociology: sport & leisure
      April 2015

      Testing for Athlete Citizenship

      Regulating Doping and Sex in Sport

      by Henne, Kathryn E.

      Incidents of doping in sports are common in news headlines, despite regulatory efforts. How did doping become a crisis? What does a doping violation actually entail? Who gets punished for breaking the rules of fair play? In Testing for Athlete Cit

    • Pollution & threats to the environment
      June 2015

      Tragedy of the Commodity

      Oceans, Fisheries, and Aquaculture

      by Longo, Stefano B., Rebecca Clausen, and Brett Clark

      The Tragedy of the Commodity explores the role of human agency in the overfishing crisis, highlighting the social and economic forces behind this looming ecological problem. In a critique of the classic theory “the tragedy of the commons

    • Pollution & threats to the environment
      June 2015

      Vanishing Bees

      Science, Politics, and Honeybee Health

      by Kleinman, Daniel L. and Sainath Suryanarayanan

      In the fall of 2006 it had become clear to farmers, agricultural scientists, and commercial beekeepers that a mysterious and unexplained collapse of previously healthy beehives was going to continue unabated. All over the United States beekeepers were wit

    • Anthropology
      December 2013

      Kurdistan on the Global Stage

      Kinship, Land, and Community in Iraq

      by King, Diane E.

      Diane E. King has written about everyday life in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, which covers much of the area long known as Iraqi Kurdistan. One of the few scholars who has done research during the Saddam Hussein regime, King offers a sensitive interpretat

    • Anthropology
      August 2016

      Living Class in Urban India

      by Dickey, Sara

      Anthropologist Sara Dickey explores the significance of class and its performance in the South Indian city of Madurai, which has a population of over a million. She has written the first ethnographic examination to pay attention to urban Indian residents

    • Judaism
      June 2016

      The New Jewish Diaspora

      Russian-speaking Immigrants in the United States, Israel, and Germany

      by Gitelman, Zvi

      Jews of Eastern Europe have immigrated in large numbers to countries like Israel, the United States, and Germany. This migration across international borders has created challenges for Russian-speaking Jews as they forge their cultural, national, and

    • Judaism
      June 2016

      Drawing the Iron Curtain

      Jews and the Golden Age of Soviet Animation

      by Katz, Maya B.

      Drawing the Iron Curtain tells the story of the golden age of Soviet animation and the Jewish artists who enabled it to thrive. Maya Balakirsky Katz reveals how the state-run animation studio Soyuzmultfilm served as an unlikely haven for polit

    • Anthropology
      July 2016

      Mapping Feminist Anthropology in the Twenty-First Century

      by Lewin, Ellen and Leni M. Silverstein

      This ground-breaking book draws upon a rich set of ethnographic and survey data, collected over a six-year period, to explore the roles that Catholicism and family

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