• September 2015

      Chia Crazy Cookbook

      Clean Eating with the World's Greatest Superfood

      by Rule, Britney - Schetselaar, Cherie

      Remember chia? Those little black seeds that grew “hair” for your Chia Pet? Well, they’re back, and as it turns out, they are incredibly healthy for you! These powerful little seeds are helpful for weight loss, are a great source of protein, antioxidants,

    • October 2013

      Grain Crazy

      Recipes for Healthy Living

      by Rule, Britney - Schetselaar, Cherie

      Want to make healthy meals for your family, but don’t want to spend an eternity in the kitchen and don’t want your food to taste dull and unappealing? Then Grain Crazy is right for you. Cherie Schetselaar and Britney Rule, a mother-daughter team and creat

    • May 2015

      Quinoa Crazy

      The Gluten-Free Superfood Cookbook

      by Rule, Britney - Schetselaar, Cherie

      Quinoa is the superfood you know you should be eating. You’ve heard about it, and how it’s a complete protein, contains all 9 essential amino acids, lowers cholesterol, and is nutrient rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s definitely a superf

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