• The natural world, country life & pets
      June 2016

      How to Find Berries, Fungi, and Wild and Medicinal Herbs

      by Christine Schneider | Rudi Beiser | Maurice Gliem

      A crash course for beginners Wild and medicinal herbs, wild berries, nuts and fungi – with this book, you can find and identify all of these delicious treats outside, both safely and unambiguously. Whether ramsons or thyme, or raspberries, sloe, porcini o

    • Mind, Body, Spirit
      March 2017

      Tinctures from Medicinal Plants

      by Rudi Beiser | Helga Ell-Beiser

      Expert knowledge in more than 70 formulations Better than herbal tea! With tinctures, it’s very easy to extract the active ingredients of medicinal plants and preserve them – just a few drops of tincture will typically contain more active ingredients than

    • The natural world, country life & pets
      September 2017

      Trees and Humans

      by Rudi Beiser

      The medicinal properties, myths and cultural history of our trees The special relationship between people and trees goes back thousands of years. Trees provide medicine, nutrition, protection and shelter, and they were also an inspiration for enlightenmen

    • January 2017


      by Beiser, Rudi

    • Marketing Herbal Products

      by Rudi Beiser

      Collect the herbs, process them and then sell the products? Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as that… do you want to offer herbal courses or walks, or sell herbal salt or soap? All no problem – just as long as you consider certain important points wh

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