• Urology & urogenital medicine
      November 2013

      Fast Facts: Prostate Cancer

      by Roger S Kirby; Manish I Patel

      The time has come to abandon the prevalent attitude of nihilism about prostate cancer because, potentially, much suffering could be avoided and many lives saved." So say the world-renowned authors of Fast Facts: Prostate Cancer. This new ed

    • Diseases & disorders
      January 2011

      Fast Facts: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

      by Roger Kirby, Peter Gilling

      Most men with BPH can be diagnosed and managed in the primary care setting. In choosing appropriate treatment, clinicians must take into account not only the nature and severity of symptoms but also the preferences of the patient and his immediate fami

    • Business, Economics & Law

      Diseased, Douched and Doctored

      Thermal Springs, Spa Doctors and Rheumatic Diseases

      by Roger Rolls

      For centuries, many people have been convinced of the healing nature of hot mineral springs. The Romans constructed elaborate bathing facilities throughout their empire to utilise these waters. Immersion was reputed to cure a large variety of illnesses, i

    • Management: leadership & motivation


      How to succeed in the new game of business

      by Roger Harrop

      These are the most exciting of times for business – ever. The opportunities to win are there for all since, in the new game of business, the playing fields are being levelled - between small and large businesses and also internationally. Top sports people

    • Historiography
      January 2013


      by Roger Spalding, Christopher Parker

    • True crime

      Their Deadly Trade

      Murders in Monmouthshire

      by Roger. Williams

    • Biography: general
      May 2012

      Dear Lupin--

      Letters to a Wayward Son

      by Charlie Mortimer and Roger Mortimer

      Nostalgic, witty and filled with characters and situations that people of all ages will recognise, Dear Lupin is the entire correspondence of a Father to his only son, spanning nearly 25 years. Roger Mortimer's sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching, alw

    • Psychology

      Practising Safe Hypnosis

      A Risk Management Guide

      by Roger Hambleton

      This unique book comprehensively explores the damage that can be caused by the misapplication of hypnotic techniques in therapy, laboratory, and stage performance settings. The laws of assault and negligence are used to assess the hypnotist's criminal and

    • May 2009

      Empires of the Sea

      The Siege of Malta, the Battle of Lepanto, and the Contest for the Center of the World

      by Roger Crowley

    • Biography: historical, political & military

      Llywelyn the Great

      Prince of Gwynedd

      by Roger. Turvey

    • Teaching skills & techniques

      NLP for Teachers Resource Book

      by Roger. Terry

      The NLP Toolkit is packed with easy to use tools, activities and techniques. Organised in an accessible way and grounded in teacher experience and practice, it provides a comprehensive toolkit that uses NLP techniques to improve all aspects of learning an

    • Thriller / suspense
      September 2014

      Devil Dancer

      by Roger G Trow

      Paul Anders and his daughter Jessica arrive on Isla Misterioso in search of a new beginning. Following the brutal murder of his wife two years previously, they need time to heal and a place remote from the reminders of the past. Paul and his wife

    • Probation services

      The Golden Age of Probation

      Mission v Market

      by Roger Statham (Editor), Alan Bennett (Foreword writer)

      The Golden Age of Probation is the first book on probation by those practitioners who became its leaders. A comprehensive account exploring culture, values and tensions. It looks at the dynamics of probation supervision and political dimensions, including

    • Historical fiction

      A Lantern at Noonday

      by Roger Butters

      Ancient Rome, during the troubled joint reign of the Emperor Caracalla and his hated brother Geta. The authorities are puzzled by a series of prostitute murders in the notorious Subura district. Quintus Celer, a chariot-racing trainer whose own

    • Humour

      All Mouth and Codpiece

      by Roger Butters

      Through the perilous world of late mediaeval espionage strides the intrepid figure of Ancient Pistol, secret agent. Never at a loss for an insult or an anachronistic quotation from the Bard, Shakespeare’s vainglorious soldier has been entrusted b

    • Crime & mystery

      Strangler in the Night

      by Roger Butters

      In this, the third in the series of Jim Danzig murder mysteries, the private investigator is instructed by the family of the late Stuart Brooksbank, a crooked solicitor whose affairs were under investigation by the Law Society. The police were satisfie

    • Biography & True Stories

      Staunton Pattern

      by Roger Butters

      A full-length biography of Howard Staunton (1810-74), the only Englishman ever to be effectively world chess champion, besides being a leading Shakespearean scholar whose work is respected and occasionally quoted to this day. The book includes

    • Fiction

      The Snows of Yesteryear

      by Roger Butters

      Book 3 in a series of novels set during the Napoleonic Wars, dealing with the adventure of Anglo-Prussian gentleman-spy Richard Karelius. Approximate length 60,000 words. Autumn, 1806. A year after the defeat of the Austrian and Russian armies

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