• Fashion & style guides
      March 2016


      Backstage Access to Fashion’s Biggest Shows 

      by Matt Lever

      At the international fashion shows, members of the audience gasp at the picture perfect, pristine beings that stroll down the catwalk clad in immaculate couture. But what comes before this moment? Behind the Runway grants us exclusive access to the backst

    • Photography & photographs
      March 2016

      Roads Reflections: Museums

      by Willem Jan Neutelings (Introduction)

      According to Orham Pamuk, ‘Real museums are places where Time is converted into Space.’ In this lavishly illustrated title we investigate these spaces. Since Frank Gehry created the phenomenon that is The Guggenheim in Bilbao, thus transforming the city i

    • Poster art
      February 2016


      32 Removable Art Prints

      by Hattie Stewart

      Young, independent and fiercely talented, London-based Hattie Stewart is a self-styled ‘professional doodler’, an extremely modest moniker for the artist, who has worked extensively with publications and brands worldwide (including Adidas, Urban Outfitters

    • Interior design, decor & style guides
      April 2016

      The Creative Workplace

      by Rob Alderson

      In the creative industries of graphic design, architecture, advertising and digital media, your workspace is a huge statement. It needs to inspire your team, excite clients and firmly cement your aesthetic. The Creative Workplace opens the doors to stud

    • Poster art
      March 2016

      Living With: Yuko Shimizu

      by Yuko Shimizu

      Yuko Shimizu is a Japanese illustrator based in New York, where she teaches at the School of Visual Arts. Her rich sensual work has been seen on Gap t-shirts, Pepsi cans, VISA billboards, Microsoft and Target ads, as well as on the book covers for DC C

    • History & the past: general interest (Children's/YA)

      Ancient Roman Roads and Architecture-Children's Ancient History Books

      by Baby Professor

      Unleash both the historian and architect in your kids with this Ancient Roman Roads and Architecture History Book. There is a whole different but beautifully thought-of world in the ancient Rome that your children will truly enjoy discovering. Show them w

    • Literary studies: poetry & poets
      September 2018

      Edward Thomas’s Roads from Arras

      by Editor(s): Andrew McKeown, Adrian Grafe

      Edward Thomas is a paradox. One of our most highly-regarded poets and author of one of the nation’s favourite poems, “Adlestrop”, Thomas is also one of the least-known British poets. These essays bridge that gap by offering fresh appraisals of his work. T

    • October 2017

      Tales of the Silk Roads

      by Liu Yingsheng

      Combining historical documents and local findings with sophisticated and historically valuable photos, this book comprehensively introduces the origin of overland Silk Road and marine Silk Road, detailed routes, ethnicities, culture, and famous towns a

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      October 2019

      Britain's Toll Roads

      by Robert Bain

      Toll Roads of England and Wales provides a comprehensive state-of-the-practice scan of the toll road sector today, cataloguing all of the toll roads, bridges and tunnels currently in operation. A number of the larger facilities such as the Thames crossin

    • Architecture
      March 2014



      by Bjarne Hammer (Introduction)

      Libraries combines spectacular photography with detailed information on a selection of the most interesting libraries around the world.

    • Architecture
      March 2014



      by Pekka Salminen (Introduction)

      Theatrescombines spectacular photography with detailed information on a collection of the most spectacular and interesting theatres, opera houses, and concert halls from around the world.

    • Architecture
      February 2015



      by Andrew Grant (Introduction)

      Gardens combines spectacular photography with detailed information on a collection of the most spectacular gardens from around the world.

    • Architecture
      July 2015



      by Ivan Harbour (Introduction)

      With a foreword by Ivan Harbour, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. What buildings better reflect our societies than those that house our governments? Government buildings are dramatic gestures of how cultures perceive themselves. More than this, they ar

    • Individual artists, art monographs
      August 2014

      Fernando Vicente

      by Fernando Vicente (author), Peio H. Riaño (Introduction)

      An evocative and glamorous new book of the anatomical paintings of Fernando Vicente. With a foreword by Peio H. Riaño, Chief Cultural editor of El Confidencial. Contributions from figurative sculptor Juan Bordes and author Fernando Royuela. Vicente’s ar

    • Individual artists, art monographs
      August 2014


      Sketchbooks and Selected Works

      by Alice Maher

      Foreword by Whitney Chadwick Sketchbooks, according to Alice Maher, are the ‘freewheeling workshops of the mind … the pool in which thousands of images and ideas float freely, rubbish and gems together, bumping into each other, some surfacing, others stay

    • Photography & photographs
      September 2014


      The Elio Sorci Collection

      by Elio Sorci (photographer), Philippe Garner (foreword)

      With an introduction by Philippe Garner. The post-Fascist Italy of the early 1950s saw an explosion in international film production, and as stars flocked to Rome – followed by models, playboys, and monarchs – the city was transformed. The rich and beauti

    • Art forms
      March 2015

      Lucy Williams

      by Lucy Williams

      British artist Lucy Williams redefines the concept of collage through her intricate mixed-media bas-reliefs depicting deserted scenes of mid-twentieth-century Modernist architecture. Her works are a fine balance: both structurally and in the tension betwe

    • Photography & photographs
      June 2015


      by Ryan Schude (author), Davy Rothbart (Introduction)

      With an introduction by Davy Rothbart – GQ, New York Magazine, This American Life. Schude celebrates a decade of work by the prolific LA photographer Ryan Schude, whose vast tableaus and vivid portraits encapsulate pop Americana in a way that has

    • Humour
      September 2014

      Weekly World News

      by Neil McGinness

      Founded in 1979, the Weekly World News was an irreverent newspaper that played with sensationalist conventions in tabloid journalism. Iconic in its design and infamous in its content, it ran for twenty-eight years, and at its peak it had a circulation of

    • Comic book & cartoon art
      August 2015


      by Ted Gudlat

      You are starving; you ordered a pizza two hours ago! What’s taking this guy so long? Where could it be? Rest assured, your pie is under the watchful eye of Slurpie! He delivers pizzas from his Sedan but mostly just drives around with his best friends drin

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