• Adult education, continuous learning
      September 1997

      The Research Funding Guidebook

      Getting It, Managing It, and Renewing It

      by Ries, Joanne B.; Leukefeld, Carl;

      This hands-on guide begins at the point many grant seekers can identify with - rejection. Part One emphasizes how to resubmit unfunded applications to make them more competitive. The material contained in this section is invaluable, especially since fundi

    • Prose: non-fiction
      November 1994

      Applying for Research Funding

      Getting Started and Getting Funded

      by Ries, Joanne B.; Leukefeld, Carl;

      Getting research funding, from both government and the private sector, is becoming increasingly more competitive in an environment of shrinking resources. This useful book is designed to help both beginning and experienced researchers approach the grant a

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