• January 2001

      Religion und Politik in Deutschland und Großbritannien / Religion and Politics in Britain and Germany

      by Richard Bonney, Franz Bosbach, Thomas Brockmann

      The “Prince Albert Society” aims to further Anglo-German relations in academic, cultural and political spheres. The annual conferences are held under this premise and centre around specific issues, although they concentrate mainly on historical themes. Co

    • January 2007

      Persecution and Pluralism

      Calvinists and Religious Minorities in Early Modern Europe 1550-1700

      by Richard J. Bonney, David J.B. Trim

      With one exception, the papers collected here were first presented at a conference sponsored by the British Academy held at Newbold College, Berkshire, in 1999. This volume provides a historical perspective to the emerging literature on pluralism. A range

    • July 2007

      The Development of Pluralism in Modern Britain and France

      by Richard J. Bonney, David J.B. Trim

      Europe is increasingly multi-ethnic and multi-faith, as well as multi-cultural. Western democracies now comprise a plurality of fundamental opinions and inherited cultures; it is not clear how (or if!) they can be related to each other without involving e

    • October 2009

      Confronting the Nazi War on Christianity

      The "Kulturkampf" Newsletters, 1936-1939- The Definitive English-Language Edition of the "Kulturkampf" Newsletters- Edited and translated by Richard Bonney

      by Richard J. Bonney

      Contemporaries and historians have found it difficult to interpret the ambiguous relationship between National Socialism and Christianity. Both the Catholic and Protestant Churches tended to agree with National Socialists in their authoritarianism, their

    • December 2008

      False Prophets

      The ‘Clash of Civilizations’ and the Global War on Terror

      by Richard J. Bonney

      After 9/11 the US response to Al-Qaeda – the Global War on Terror – was heavily influenced by the ‘clash of civilizations’ theory. First introduced by Bernard Lewis in 1993 in an article entitled ‘The Roots of Muslim Rage’, this theory was taken up by Sam

    • June 2011

      Warriors after War

      Indian and Pakistani Retired Military Leaders Reflect on Relations between the Two Countries, Past, Present and Future

      by Richard J. Bonney, Trividesh Singh Maini, Tahir Javed Malik

      The inspiration for this book arose from the opening of the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus route on 7 April 2005, the first direct link between the two parts of divided Kashmir since 1947. The original impetus for change in the region arose not from politician

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