• Investment & securities

      Superhobby Investing

      Making Money from Antiques, Coins, Stamps, Wine, Woodland and Other Alternative Assets

      by Peter Temple

      A beginner's guide to putting your money in alternative areasWhat is 'superhobby investing'?Superhobby Investing is at the intersection of investing, collecting and other serious hobbies. It's about examining how you can ratchet up a hobby or a collecting

    • Investment & securities

      CFDs Made Simple

      by Peter Temple

    • July 2016

      Modernity and Destining of Technological Being

      Beyond Heidegger’s Critique of Technology to Responsible and Reflexive Technology

      by Temple Davis Okoro

      Facing Heidegger’s critique of modern technology, the author analyses the question of technology and ethical responsibility and the call for reflexivity towards technology. He examines Heidegger‘s thoughts about how science and technology conceal the enig

    • October 2009

      The Temple Incident in Mark 11,15-19

      The Disclosure of Jesus and the Marcan Faction

      by Solomon Wong

      This study sets out to interpret the Marcan Temple incident (Mark 11,15-19) as a distancing device, by which the Marcan faction differentiates itself from other Jews, especially the anti-Roman revolutionaries who had turned the temple in Jerusalem into ‘a

    • May 2003

      Ārādhakamūrti/Adhiṣṭhāyakamūrti – «Popular Piety, Politics, and the Medieval Jain Temple Portrait»

      by Jack Laughlin

      Many aspects of Medieval Western Indian temple art have been the subject of scholarly attention. One type of temple-image which has been identified but heretofore unstudied is the portrait. This study brings together evidence of more than 200 images of hi

    • April 2001

      Hedge Funds

      Courtesans of Capitalism

      by Peter Temple

      Like the courtesans of a bygone age, hedge funds cater to the wealthy and project an aura of mystery and excitement. But as the Long Term Capital Management debacle showed, their activities affect us all. Far from neutralising risk, as their name mi

    • March 2019

      From Self-Portrait to Selfie

      Representing the Self in the Moving Image

      by Muriel Tinel-Temple, Laura Busetta, Marlène Monteiro

      Self-portraiture is a singular form within the broad field of first-person film and video – not so much an account of the filmmaker’s intimate life as a representation of the artist at a given instant. With deep roots in the Western tradition of painti

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