• February 2009

      Bishop George Bell

      House of Lords Speeches and Correspondence with Rudolf Hess

      by Peter Raina

      Bishop George Bell always felt that the Church must endeavour to meet the problems of the modern world. He was thus foremost in applying the precepts of the Christian faith to national and international issues. George Bell very often raised his voice in t

    • June 2009

      A.V. Dicey: General Characteristics of English Constitutionalism

      Six Unpublished Lectures- With a Foreword by Lord Plant of Highfield

      by Peter Raina

      Albert Venn Dicey (1835-1922) was elected to the Vinerian professorship of English Law in the University of Oxford in 1882. Dicey established himself as a great expert on constitutional history when in 1885 he published his Introduction to the Study of th

    • May 2016

      The Seventh Earl Beauchamp

      A Victim of His Times

      by Peter Raina

      The 7th Earl Beauchamp was a prominent figure in English public life in the years 1900–30, but his career ended in scandal. He was barred from English soil, his reputation was destroyed and his papers were withheld from public view. In this book, Peter Ra

    • March 2014

      A Daring Venture

      Rudolf Hess and the Ill-Fated Peace Mission of 1941

      by Peter Raina

      At the height of the Second World War, Hitler’s Deputy, Rudolf Hess, made a dramatic solo flight to the British Isles. His arrival there was sensational news – and it baffled everyone. Why had he come? Hess claimed he had flown to Britain entirely of his

    • September 2017

      John Sparrow: Warden of All Souls College, Oxford

      «I loathe all common things»

      by Peter Raina

      John Sparrow, Warden of All Souls, was a notable character in post-war Oxford. He was educated in the old-time classical humanist tradition, and this remained his field even as the world about him changed. A man with a brilliant mind, he is often remember

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