• June 2014

      European and Asian Sustainable Towns

      New Towns and Satellite Cities in their Metropolises

      by Pascaline Gaborit

      In the face of growing needs and problems around urbanization, the sustainable development of cities does not lie only in technology, research and innovation. Sustainable local development also results from a combination of different elements related to t

    • September 2010

      European New Towns

      Image, Identities, Future Perspectives

      by Pascaline Gaborit

      Were New Towns mainly utopias? Will they become pilot innovative cities? More than 30 years after their creation New Towns are facing numerous challenges in terms of social cohesion, urban planning, regeneration, sustainable development and identities. Th

    • May 2013

      New Medinas: Towards Sustainable New Towns?

      Interconnected Experiences Spanning the North and South Mediterranean

      by Pascaline Gaborit

      Why a book on new towns? Simply put, new towns are special cases in terms of urban development and the organisation of space. They are challenging adventures, reflecting different surroundings and trends and bringing together in one place a whole host of

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