• May 2015

      Between the Eye and the World

      The Emergence of the Point-of-View Shot

      by Elena Dagrada

      The point-of-view shot is usually perceived as a «natural» device, yet its naturalness is illusory. This book provides an answer to the question: «Where does the point-of-view shot come from?» It investigates the emergence of this film

    • October 2016


      Battling a Wicked Problem

      by Arvind Ashta

      A school of thought hails microcredit as a social innovation, a messiah to enable people to help themselves out of poverty through entrepreneurship. An opposing school of thought considers microcredit as a capitalist demon ensnaring the poor in poverty an

    • June 2014

      European and Asian Sustainable Towns

      New Towns and Satellite Cities in their Metropolises

      by Pascaline Gaborit

      In the face of growing needs and problems around urbanization, the sustainable development of cities does not lie only in technology, research and innovation. Sustainable local development also results from a combination of different elements related to t

    • September 2015

      Organizing after Crisis

      The Challenge of Learning

      by Nathalie Schiffino, Laurent Taskin, Céline Donis, Julien Raone

      How do actors organize after crisis? Do they «simply» return to normal? The post-crisis phase is anything but a linear process. Actors and their practices may be transformed by learning from crises and by implementing the lessons. In this volume

    • July 2015

      Concurrences interrégionales Europe–Asie au XXIe siècle

      by Pierre Chabal

      Cet ouvrage rassemble une trentaine de chapitres rédigés par des auteurs en poste dans la plupart des pays couverts par cette approche plurielle. Il donne la parole à des analystes menant leurs recherches dans ces pays situés au cœur d

    • June 2015

      Redesigning Life

      Eugenics, Biopolitics, and the Challenge of the Techno-Human Condition

      by Nathan Van Camp

      The emerging development of genetic enhancement technologies has recently become the focus of a public and philosophical debate between proponents and opponents of a liberal eugenics – that is, the use of these technologies without any overall direction o

    • December 2015

      L’Organisation de coopération de Shanghai et la construction de la «nouvelle Asie»

      by Pierre Chabal

      Cet ouvrage, qui complète Concurrences interrégionales Europe-Asie au XXIe siècle (PIE Peter Lang, 2015), s’interroge sur une institutionnalisation multilatérale de la coopération intégrative entre ‘les’ Asies : i) celle qui

    • December 2015

      Pour une sociologie des inégalités environnementales

      by Valérie Deldrève

      Qu’est-ce qu’une inégalité environnementale ? En quoi constitue-t-elle un objet sociologique ? Comment l’étudier au regard de sa diversité et de sa complexité ? Pour répondre à de telles questions, l’auteure nous invite

    • July 2016

      La sécession du Katanga : témoignage

      (juillet 1960 – janvier 1963)

      by Jacques Brassinne de La Buissière

      Le 30 juin 1960, le Congo n’est plus une colonie belge mais un État indépendant. Rapidement, la riche province du Katanga fait sécession sous la conduite de Moïse Tshombe, ennemi politique du Premier ministre Patrice Lumumba, profitant

    • April 2016

      Syndicats et dialogue social

      Les modèles occidentaux à l’épreuve

      by Dominique Andolfatto, Sylvie Contrepois

      Une même question a été posée à une équipe de chercheurs spécialisés dans les relations du travail dans les principales économies post-industrielles de ce début du 21e siècle : comment a évolu&#2

    • April 2009

      To Watch Theatre

      Essays on Genre and Corporeality

      by Rachel Fensham

      This book is about watching theatre; and how to utilise a corporeal semiotics to read genres of contemporary theatre. It suggests that three key concepts interact: genre, the formal term that structures theatricality, including the textual grammar of a dr

    • May 2006

      Codifying the National Self

      Spectators, Actors and the American Dramatic Text

      by Barbara Ozieblo, María Dolores Narbona-Carrión

      Theater has always been the site of visionary hopes for a reformed national future and a space for propagating ideas, both cultural and political, and such a conceptualization of the histrionic art is all the more valuable in the post-9/11 era. The essays

    • April 2006


      Readings from Humanism to Postmodernism

      by Gerald Gillespie

      This book follows several major European literary «echoes» still reverberating since the mysterious emergence of such archetypal figures as Faust, Hamlet, Quixote, and Don Juan alongside lingering ancient and medieval protagonists in the Renaiss

    • June 2007

      (Un)Doing Europe

      Discourses and Practices of Negotiating the EU Constitution

      by Michael Krzyzanowski, Florian Oberhuber

      After successive waves of «enlargement», the European Union has been struggling with political integration. The project of the «constitutionalisation» of the EU was therefore launched to cater to a growing need of institutional reform,

    • August 2010

      Labyrinth of Hybridities

      Avatars of O’Neillian Realism in Multi-ethnic American Drama (1972-2003)

      by Marc Maufort

      Taking its cue from Eugene O’Neill’s questioning of «faithful realism», voiced by Edmund Tyrone in Long Day’s Journey into Night, this book examines the distant legacy of the Irish American playwright in contemporary multiethnic drama in the U.S

    • July 2006

      La nouvelle question religieuse / The New Religious Question

      Régulation ou ingérence de l’État ? / State Regulation or State Interference?

      by Pauline Côté, T. Jeremy Gunn

      Dans un contexte de polarisation croissante des opinions publiques au plan international, comment la question religieuse est-elle soulevée en France, aux États-unis, en Belgique, au Canada ? Commissions parlementaires, rapports gouvernementaux e

    • April 2007

      Shaping Pay in Europe

      A Stakeholder Approach

      by Conny Herbert Antoni, Xavier Baeten, Ben J.M. Emans, Mari Kira

      «Shaping Pay in Europe: A Stakeholder Approach» focuses on pay systems applied in the European Union. Giving due attention to the institutional setting of the European pay systems, the book discusses how European companies may approach pay as an

    • January 2006

      London – Berlin

      Authenticity, Modernity, and the Metropolis in Urban Travel Writing from 1851 to 1939

      by Hagen Schulz-Forberg

      In the 19th century, the metropolis became the soothsayer of societies. Here, probabilities of progress could be perceived, felt and smelt; here was the showcase of each nation’s prime productions and representations. Travellers took to the metropolis in

    • July 2006

      Canada from the Outside In / Le Canada vu d’ailleurs

      New Trends in Canadian Studies / Nouvelles tendances en études canadiennes

      by Pierre Anctil, Zilá Bernd

      In this collection, specialists examine, often through a comparative filter, themes related to migrant literatures, cultural diversity and aspects of Canadian state policy. The results of this examination offer an overview of Canadian society, which, as m

    • June 2006

      Staging New Britain

      Aspects of Black and South Asian British Theatre Practice

      by Geoffrey V. Davis, Anne Fuchs

      Theatre in Britain today is composed of many strands ranging from the postmodern, in-yer-face, musical and dance theatre forms or performance art and media work to the contemporary productions of classical playwrights. In the aftermath of Empire or, as it

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