• March 2016

      Mentored by a Madman

      The William Burroughs Experiment

      by Andrew Lees

      In this extraordinary memoir, neuroscientist Andrew Lees explains how William Burroughs, author of Naked Lunch and troubled drug addict, played an unlikely part in his medical career.

    • Literary essays
      November 2017

      Drawn From Life

      Selected Essays of Michel de Montaigne

      by Michel de Montaigne, Tim Parks

      A new selection of Montaigne's essays that explore themes of fear, courage, mortality and personal freedom. In his vivid introduction, Tim Parks sheds new light on this enduringly popular figure whose essays are 'so engaging, so seductive, that many re

    • Literary essays
      November 2017


      Writers on Truth, Lies and Fiction

      by Joanna Kavenna, Benjamin Markovits, Gabriel Josipivici, Partou Zia, Anakana Schofield

      A collection of inspiring essays by Joanna Kavenna, Benjamin Markovits, Gabriel Josipivici, Partou Zia and Anakana Schofield, introduced by Iain Sinclair. Works of art, novels, films are frequently bolstered by reference to the autobiography of

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      November 2016

      The Mystery of Being Human

      God, Freedom and the NHS

      by Raymond Tallis

      In his latest collection of essays, author, physician and humanist philosopher Raymond Tallis meditates on the complexity of human consciousness, free will, mathematics, God and eternity. The philosophical reflections are interrupted by the fiercely po

    • Biography & True Stories
      March 2017


      by John Berger, Selcuk Demirel

      'Once upon a time, men, women, and (secretly) children smoked.' Following the success of Cataract, John Berger, one of the great soothsayers of seeing, joins forces again with Turkish illustrator Selcuk Demirel. This charming pictorial essay re

    • Architecture
      April 2017

      Nairn's Paris

      by Iain Nairn, Andrew Hussey

    • History: specific events & topics
      June 2017

      The Paradoxall Compass

      by Horatio Morpurgo

    • Biography & True Stories
      October 2017

      Found and Lost

      Mittens, Miep, and Shovelfuls of Dirt

      by Alison Leslie Gold

      Starting with supervision of her primary school's 'Lost andultimately led to her salvation Found' depot, Gold charts her need to save objects, stories, and people - including herself - that she sensed to be on a road to perdition. Following the d

    • March 2016

      A Doomed Marriage:

      Why Britain Should Leave the EU

      by Daniel Hannan, Tom Kremer

      In this, our first Paperback publication, Daniel Hannan updates his earlier work A Doomed Marriage: Britain and Europe. In this incisive, clear-sighted and persuasive essay, Hannan unravels the history of the European Union and why it continues to fail

    • From Crisis to Hard Times

      The Value of Money

      by Tom Kremer

      From Crisis to Hard Times unlocks the puzzle of the financial crisis and its aftermath in ten closely-argued chapters. Taking the reader on a step-by-step journey through the world of global finance and international economics, this book proposes radical

    • Literary essays
      September 2014

      Essays on the Self

      by Virginia Woolf, Joanna Kavenna

      In these essays Virginia Woolf explores the nature of the finite self ('Who am I?' 'Who is eveybody else?') and how individual experience might be relayed. She discusses the rights of women, the revolutions of modernity, the future of the novel. She is el

    • September 2015

      My Katherine Mansfield Project

      by Kirsty Gunn

      When Kirsty Gunn received a Randell Fellowship in 2009 she returned to spend the winter in Thornden, New Zealand, near the childhood home of Katherine Mansfield, the writer to whom she'd always felt most connected. She explores her own deep connection to

    • March 2016

      Confessions of a Heretic

      by Roger Scruton

      A collection of provocative essays by the influential social commentator, Roger Scruton. Scruton explores the conflict between the Christian-inspired Enlightenment and Islam, and attempts to find a remedy for the void at the heart of our civilisation. Why

    • March 2011

      Thoughts of Sorts

      by Georges Perec, Margaret Drabble

      Georges Perec was a leading exponent of French literary experimentalism who found humour - and pathos - in the human need for classification. Thoughts of Sorts is a unique collection of philosophical riffs on his obsession with lists, puzzles, catalogues,

    • March 2011

      The Portable Paradise

      by Jonathan Keates

      Prize-winning author Jonathan Keates has a secret passion: collecting vintage guidebooks. These Victorian volumes contain an entire archeology of cultural loss and longing as Keates takes us on a poignant, enlightening, and at times hilarious tour of that

    • October 2015


      Journeys of a London Bicycle Courier

      by Jon Day

      Cyclogeography is an essay about the bicycle in the cultural imagination and a portrait of London seen from the saddle. The bicycle enables us to feel a landscape, rather than just see it, and in the great tradition of the psychogeographers, Day attempts

    • October 2015

      Words of Fire

      Selected Essays of Ahad Ha'am

      by Ahad Ha'am, Brian Klug

      Ahad Ha'am (the pen name of Asher Ginzberg) is mainly remembered as the 'father of cultural Zionism'. But there was much more to the man and his thought. These essays, laced with a withering wit, show him to have been a brilliant exponent of the art of th

    • October 2015

      Beautiful and Impossible Things

      Selected Essays of Oscar Wilde

      by Oscar Wilde, Gyles Brandreth

      This new selection of essays by Oscar Wilde show-cases the varied aspects of his genius. For Pearson, the biographer, the essays and dialogues illustrate the many faces of Wilde’s extraordinary character: wit, romancer, talker, lecturer, humanist and scho

    • Literary essays
      October 2015

      A Eulogy for Nigger and Other Essays

      The Second Essay Prize Competition

      by David Bradley, Garry Cooper, Johanna Mohring, Kate McLoughlin, Josh Cohen, Jennifer Kabat

      The Notting Hill Editions' second Essay Prize Winners. The prize is judged by Adam Mars-Jones, Raymond Tallis, Michael Ignarieff, Eileen Battersby and Phillip Lopate. All of the finalists' essays for the 2015 Notting Hill Editions Prize were fiercely

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