• Local history

      Tales and Traditions of Scottish Castles

      by Nigel G. Tranter

      Nigel Tranter's gift for bringing Scottish history to life is demonstrated in this lively book which details 45 of the nation's castles with associated tales and traditions. With a broad geographical spread, Tranter breathes life into many of Scotland's g

    • British & Irish history
      January 2012

      The Story of Scotland

      by Nigel G. Tranter

    • Biography: historical, political & military

      Rob Roy Macgregor

      by Nigel Tranter

      Rob Roy MacGregor’s name and reputation strides through late-17th- and early 18th-century Scottish history and he is probably the nation’s best-known historical figure next to Robert the Bruce, William Wallace and Bonnie Prince Charlie. Along with thos

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