• Fiction
      September 2016

      An Instrument of War

      by Martin Hicks

      It is August 1863 and the Confederate Navy Cruiser Palmetto escapes from Charleston harbour to resume her career as a raider, hunting the shipping of the United States. The succeeding months see her r

    • Adventure

      Song of Raven

      by Katerina Naumenko

      Long poem-story illustrated by author, nine colored-pencil images inside ranging from 1/3 to full page in size. Blurb for the back cover:Have you ever dreamt of high adventure?Has your soul unendingly ripped at its reigns - <b

    • Thriller / suspense
      December 2014

      Border of Fire - Border of Ice

      by Sture Stiernlof

      A dramatic, sensual and captivating love and escape story, set in the harsh reality of the Cold War in Europe and topical as never before now that a new cold war threatens to divide the European continent ag

    • Fiction
      June 2015

      The Sender

      by Toni Jenkins

      The Sender follows the journey of a mysterious and inspiring unsigned card, interconnecting the lives of four women from different backgrounds and cities who are all facing unique adversities. The card instructs each woman to hold it in their possessio

    • Behind the Screens at the City General

      by Peter Sykes

      What really goes on 'behind the screens' of a busy hospital ward? The heroes of the novel are Paul Lambert and his girl friend Kate Meredith. Paul, a quiet and introspective young doctor, tells the real-life tales of some of his patients,

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      February 2012

      Elijah's Line

      by J Raymond Conduit

      The idea for Elijah's Line came to me many years ago when I used to walk my dog all over the near by hills of West Wiltshire. At other times I would also be accompanied by my then eight-year-old daughter who helped me make sure that the places in the stor

    • The Intimidation of Franz Helmer

      by Euan McAllen

      It is 1964 and the Third Reich rules the Ukraine. Franz, a handsome blond Aryan, aged 17, is told he is to meet the Fuehrer on the day they share as their birthday. Change is coming, but not in a way he could possibly foresee. The trip to Berlin prompt

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

      The First Cut

      by Peter Sykes

      Paul Lambert, a quiet introspective young man, is thrown, bewildered and unprepared, into the daunting world of a busy surgical unit. Through his eyes numerous ʻpatient episodesʼ are described - many amusing, some serious, others poignant but all very

    • The Bitterest Enemy

      by Martin Hicks

      It is the late summer of 1863 and the third year of the war in North America. In the wake of the defeat at Gettysburg, Robert E. Lee has returned, with his Confederate army, to Virginia. But a further crisis to the west, in the Tennessee theatre of the

    • Children's & YA
      August 2014

      Kamazu's Big Swing Band

      by John Kitchen

      When all your friends tell you you are good enough to join the band in town, then they must be right, mustn't they - even if you are an elephant?

    • Fiction
      August 2018

      Unto the Third and Fourth Generation

      by Richard Ayres

      Tony Cawson, 75 and in the early stages of dementia, has a dreadful secret dating back to his youth of which his daughter Rebecca is ashamed and which she dreads her children will discover. But Rebecca, a conflicted individual in a failing marriage, al

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      September 2009

      Rude Boy

      by Simon Corbin

      Expelled from his provincial boarding school, Punk Rock rebel Kenny Silvers returns to 1980s London where he renews his friendship with former 'partner in crime', Eddie. Kenny's downward spiral - from scholarship student to squat-dwelling delin

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      September 2010

      Love, Gudrun Ensslin

      by Simon Corbin

      One banker per month will be assassinated unless the government takes practical steps to reduce the widening deficit between the rich and the poor. This is the threat made by maverick anarchist billionaire, Rory Carlisle, which is intended to be carried o

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      May 2010

      Long Look Back...

      by Tom Tottis

      Told that she must not have children Julia stubbornly ignores all advice and risks her life to have a son, Tommy. In the following years and decades both mother and son are forced by circumstances to draw upon their determination, courage, wit and self-pr

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      April 2012

      The Kyoto Protocol

      by Roger G. Trow

      Roger Trow's first novel deals with the impact of an amazing discovery in the early 22nd century. Two doctors discover an amazing protein that has the effect of expanding human intelligence and imparting telepathic abilities. This comes at a time when the

    • Fiction
      April 2012

      Mirage of Victory

      by Martin Hicks

      It is May of 1863 and the Civil War in North America has entered its third year. Facing a range of enemy threats, southern commander General Robert E. Lee proposes an invasion of the northern states to supply his army, relieve pressure on other imperilled

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)
      April 2012

      The Tales of Averon Trilogy

      The Dawn of the Great War

      by A.M. Keen

      Experience the action, adventure and fantasy of the Tales of Averon books, brought together for the first time in one complete volume! The forest of Averon befalls a great evil when Streak, a lone fox from the Great Vast Open stumbles upon it during an es

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)
      September 2012

      Peter and the Enchanted Cavern

      by Alexander Lawes

      It was raining yet again and Peter was bored. Lucky enough to live in a large palace, he decides to explore some of the old quarters. There he finds a small door hidden behind a curtain that opens onto a realm beneath the palace.

    • Historical fiction


      Swept from Zimbabwe...

      by Lloyd Johnson

      A story of humanity, resilience and courage against the backdrop of Robert Mugabe's tryannical regime, SPINDRIFT captures the grandeur and allure of Africa in stark contrast to the anarchy, warfare and tribal conflict that have ravaged Zimbabwe. I

    • November 2012

      Life's Rich Mix

      by Vinson Chard

      Working in industry as a Chemical Engineer boring ... who says it is? Most people consider working in the Industrial world to be fairly mundane and boring. Well I am able to contradict that erroneous belief. My forty years in industry have b

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