• Sociology & anthropology
      June 2004

      Virtual Worlds

      by Nayar, Pramod K

    • Communication studies
      November 2009

      Packaging Life

      by Nayar, Pramod K

    • Communication studies
      February 2009

      Seeing Stars

      by Nayar, Pramod K

    • May 2012

      Colonial Voices

      The Discourses of Empire

      by Pramod K. Nayar

      This accessible cultural history explores 400 years of British imperial adventure in India, developing a coherent narrative through a wide range of colonial documents, from exhibition catalogues to memoirs and travelogues. It shows how these texts helped

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      December 2018

      Brand Postcolonial

      ‘Third World’ Texts and the Global

      by Pramod K. Nayar

      The postcolonial author, whether Kamila Shamsie from Pakistan, Chimamanda Adichie from Nigeria or Arundhati Roy from India, is a brand. Instantly recognizable in the literary-cultural marketplace, the postcolonial, this book argues, positions itself and i

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