• Education

      Moral Education and Development

      A Lifetime Commitment

      by De Ruyter, D. J.

      Worries about the moral standard of younger generations are of all ages. The older generation tends to believe that the moral education of young people deserves special attention, because their moral development does not reach the level adults hope for. T

    • Child & developmental psychology
      April 2003

      Moral Development and Reality

      by Gibbs, John C.

    • August 2013

      Children's Moral Lives

      An Ethnographic and Psychological Approach

      by Ruth Woods

      Children’s Moral Lives makes use of case studies, observation, interviews and questionnaires to offer a fascinating, behind-the-scenes view of children’s school lives and the complex moral issues and disputes they routinely negotiate <l

    • June 2015

      The Possibility of Culture

      Pleasure and Moral Development in Kant's Aesthetics

      by Bradley Murray

      The Possibility of Culture: Pleasure and Moral Development in Kant’s Aesthetics presents an in-depth exploration and deconstruction of Kant’s depiction of the ways in which aesthetic pursuits can promote personal moral development.

    • September 2010

      Good Kids, Tough Choices

      How Parents Can Help Their Children Do the Right Thing

      by Rushworth M. Kidder

      A practical analysis and inspiring guide for teaching kids "ethical fitness" Parents are beginning to realize that deficiencies in ethics and character are becoming a big problem among our nation's children. According to the latest data, lying,

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