• 2019

      Capitalism and the Alternatives

      by Julius H. Grey

      Thirty years after its global triumph, neo-liberalism is an abject failure. While its advocates have succeeded in convincing citizens that no other way is possible, they have not fulfilled their promises of a better world and the result has been more ineq

    • 2019

      Strange Trips

      Science, Culture, and the Regulation of Drugs

      by Lucas Richert

      This book examines the boundaries between recreational and medicinal drugs in the eyes of the public and law. Drugs take strange journeys from the black market to the doctor's black bag. Changing marijuana laws in the US and Canada, the opioid crisis, and

    • 2019

      The Clean Body

      A Modern History

      by Peter Ward

      Recounting the history of personal hygiene in Europe and North America and the making of the modern clean body. How often did our ancestors bathe? How often did they wash their clothes? What did they understand cleanliness to be? Why have our hygienic hab

    • 2019

      What It Means to Write

      Creativity and Metaphor

      by Adrian McKerracher

      What exactly is creativity? Adrian McKerracher travels from Vancouver to Havana to Buenos Aires, leading readers on a journey to discover poignant new insights into a life of letters. Through encounters with artists of all kinds, famous or obscure, McKerr

    • 2019

      Wish I Were Here

      Boredom and the Interface

      by Mark Kingwell

      An urgent, timely, and political analysis of the boredom that dominates our everyday immersion in distracting technologies. Are you bored of the endless scroll of your social media feed? If so, this book is the philosophical lifeline you have been waiting

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