• Personal & social issues: self-awareness & self-esteem (Children's/YA)
      September 2014

      Angel Love

      a Workbook

      by Margaret Neylon

      How can you open your heart to angel love? Follow this step-by-step workbook by Margaret Neylon who has been working in this field for many years. There are exercises, meditations and Margaret's own story about how she developed into her current

    • History

      The Wit & Wisdom of Women

      A Thought Book

      by Margaret Neylon

    • Animals & society

      Reflections on Cats

      by Margaret Neylon

      Dictionary of quotations This delightful book captures the enigma of the cat, with quotations from across the world which encapsulates the special relationship between mankind and those mysterious beings, the cat.

    • Mathematics

      It All Adds Up

      How Numerology Change Your Life

      by Margaret Neylon

      A simple guide to the science of numbers and how it can change your life. It All Adds Up shows us how to work out the special numbers in our live, using simple addition. When you know what you should do and the right time to do it then you are

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