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    • Health & Personal Development
      July 2019

      Fear Money Purpose

      How to overcome your fears to find financial freedom and your true purpose

      by Nancy Youssef

      Small business owners and entrepreneurs often face big money fears. Whether it is the fear of not making money, of not knowing what to do with the money they make or the fear of being financially responsible for staff, the fear is real. In FEAR

    • Health & Personal Development
      April 2019

      A Surfer's Guide to Property Investing

      How to achieve your financial goals and lead your best life through investing in property

      by Paul Glossop

      A Surfer's Guide to Property Investing is about how to achieve your financial goals and lead your best life through investing in property. <a title="Paul Glossop" href="https://majorstreet.com.au/blogs/meet-our-authors/paul-glosso

    • Health & Personal Development
      August 2019

      20 Must Ask Questions for Every Property Investor

      by Margaret Lomas

      Margaret Lomas is one of Australia’s most recognised and respected property expe

    • August 2010

      Working For Yourself

      From Starting Out to Finishing Up

      by Greg Nazvanov

      It’s most people’s dream, the freedom offered by Working For Yourself. No more difficult boss, no more long commute to work, a better work/life balance. But before embarking upon this dream it is essential to be armed with all the facts. The majority o

    • October 2010

      Exchange Traded Funds

      ETFs - The New Secret Weapon for Australian Investors

      by Scott Goold

      Some years ago, author and financial expert, Scott Goold lost a lot of money investing in the Asian markets (even though they went up) because of bad investment decisions made by the fund managers. “I learned my lesson," said Scott. "The only person yo

    • June 2011

      A Sharebuyer's Guide to Investing in the Australian Mining Boom

      by Allan Trench

      A Sharebuyer’s Guide to Investing in the Australian Mining Boom will help you evaluate which stocks in the mining sector have the best chance of outperforming the market. It includes an extensive A to Z (Aluminium to Zinc) of commodities and company pr

    • August 2011

      Investing in the Right Property Now

      The book that smashes the cash flow vs growth myth and helps you buy property today

      by Margaret Lomas

      Investing in today's property market is different from investing pre-GFC. Old strategies are simply not working. So property expert Margaret Lomas set about comprehensively re-considering the economy, property and the future for the Australian market.

    • November 2011

      Smart Borrower's Handbook

      An Essential Guide for Property, Sharemarket and Superannuation Investors

      by Stuart Wemyss

      Interest on borrowings is the single largest lifetime expense for investors. The amount of borrowings investors carry affects their net worth and their cash flow and can make or break their retirement goals. Getting their borrowing right and structurin

    • October 2012

      GPS for your Organisation

      How to energise your employees and build sustainable high performance

      by Nicholas S. Barnett

      GPS For Your Organisation is a practical guide to help company boards, CEOs and leadership teams add clarity and gain ongoing buy-in to their organisation’s long-term direction, purpose and values. It will also add focus and urgency to an organisation’

    • Australia’s next Top Mining Shares

      Understanding Risk and Value in Minerals Equities

      by Allan Trench & Daniel Packey

      This book demystifies the risk and value attached to investing in the mining and resources sector. It looks carefully at the industry dynamics and microeconomics of individual commodities – including (among others) gold, iron ore, uranium, copper and c

    • June 2012

      Options in Motion

      Five Global Investment Strategies for Stocks and FOREX

      by Nick Katiforis & Billy Macris

      Options in Motion reveals five of the best capital growth and income generation strategies on the planet. These carefully selected investment strategies are designed to profit in virtually all market conditions for the purpose of building long-term wea

    • May 2012

      Simple and Successful Property Management

      by Leah Calnan

      Residential property investors spend hours researching hotspots, visiting properties, selecting loans and negotiating the sales price. Expert property manager, Leah Calnan knows that this is only the beginning. To really maximise your returns from inves

    • October 2012

      Life Learnings of a Life Coach

      What's Holding You Back from Raising Your game?

      by Heiner Karst

      Elite sports people and business executives have coaches to help them perform at the highest level. The majority of coaches have themselves been leading athletes or top business people. The guidance and wisdom they impart fast-tracks the careers of tho

    • March 2016

      Strictly Mining Boardroom

      Management Insights from Inside the Resources Sector

      by Allan Trench

      Dr Allan Trench has been exposed to the inner workings of Australian mining and exploration companies for three decades – including more than ten years’ experience as a director. For the first time he brings this knowledge and experience together in this

    • October 2013

      China Business Bites

      Essential Ingredients for Success

      by Daryl Guppy

      A Chinese banquet is a combination of interesting and diverse flavours that contribute to the overall impression of the meal. China Business Bites brings together many small bites to build a larger banquet of China business experience, in areas includi

    • August 2013

      A Property Investor's Guide to Negotiating

      Turn a losing position into a winning one - every time.

      by John Potter

      In A Property Investor's Guide to Negotiating, you will discover 10 key lessons to learn to become a successful negotiator. John Potter has had a stellar career in real estate and property development and he puts his success down to his skills

    • March 2013

      How to Achieve Property Success

      by Margaret Lomas

      Margaret Lomas has been working with property investors for more than 20 years and has written several popular books encompassing all she has both learned and taught. In How to Achieve Property Success, Margaret takes the very best from her three first

    • August 2014

      From Deadwood to Diamond

      How Small Business Owners can Come Back from the Brink and Achieve Big Business Success

      by Stefan Kazakis

      From Deadwood to Diamonds is an important book for those who have always dreamed of running a successful small business. If you’re already a small-business owner or you’re looking to venture your own start-up, then this book is for you. Thousands of sm

    • July 2014

      World's Best Jazz Club

      The story of Bennetts Lane

      by David James

      When renowned jazz trumpeter, Wynton Marsalis, told Bennetts Lane founder and owner, Michael Tortoni, “There are not too many jazz clubs like this, anywhere.” Tortoni knew then that he was on the right track. World’s Best Jazz Club is the story of Bennett

    • August 2014

      7 Business Habits that Drive High Performance

      by Nicholas Barnett

      7 Business Habits that Drive High Performance by Nicholas Barnett is an informative, instructive book that’s based on ground-breaking research, involving over 100,000 employees from around 200 organisations over a five-year period. Nich

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