• Juvenile offenders
      January 1998

      Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders

      Risk Factors and Successful Interventions

      by Loeber, Rolf; Farrington, David P.;

      Detailed and comprehensive, this volume presents authoritative discussions by leading scholars on issues surrounding serious and violent juvenile offenders. This population is responsible for a disproportionate percentage of all crime and poses the gre

    • Domestic violence
      December 2000

      Child Delinquents

      Development, Intervention, and Service Needs

      by Loeber, Rolf; Farrington, David P.;

      Between 1980 and 1996 the number of arrests has increased considerably for offenders ages 12 and under. This increase is a cost to society in two ways: the cost of the crime and the cost of multiple agencies involved with these children. Several questi

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